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Vietnamese Interpretation Services: On Site and Remote


Use our Vietnamese interpretation services to communicate seamlessly in Vietnam.

English is the biggest language in the world in terms of total speakers, but that doesn’t mean everyone speaks it. Far from it—only a paltry 13% of the global population speaks English. In Vietnam, for example, most people don’t speak English, so if you want to communicate with Vietnamese speakers, professional Vietnamese interpretation services are the way to go.

At, we’re proud to have put together a top-notch Vietnamese interpretation team to assist clients all over Vietnam and around the world in breaking down the language barrier. We help businesspeople communicate seamlessly with Vietnamese business partners, aid researchers in conducting interviews with Vietnamese speakers in the far reaches of Vietnam, and enable experts to give presentations to Vietnamese-speaking audiences in Vietnam. If you need Vietnamese interpretation services for any reason, we’re your team.

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Diving into the Vietnamese language

Vietnamese is native to Vietnam, where it’s spoken by most of the population as a first language. Ethnic minorities in Vietnam learn Vietnamese as a second language to communicate with their compatriots. Native speakers of Vietnamese can also be found in minority communities in Dongxing, located in China’s Guangxi province. Thanks to the large Vietnamese diaspora, Vietnamese-speaking communities can be found all over the world.

Despite Vietnam’s proximity to China, Vietnamese is not at all related to Chinese, although the language has sustained considerable influence from Chinese. Instead, Vietnamese is the biggest language in the Austroasiatic language family, related to Khmer in neighboring Cambodia. Vietnamese grammar might sound simple when you hear that there’s no inflection, but in fact, the lack of grammatical markings can complicate comprehension, since the grammatical relationships between words in a sentence are not always explicit. Vietnamese also allows for the subject to be omitted when it’s obvious from context, even though Vietnamese doesn’t mark person on verbs, like in many European languages. Verbal tense and aspect is expressed through particles, not verbal conjugation. If you want to communicate easily with Vietnamese speakers without learning this complicated language, Vietnamese interpretation services are right for you.

We can interpret Vietnamese on site or remotely—which is better for you?

There are many reasons why someone may require Vietnamese interpretation services, and we’re determined to provide the right interpreter for each scenario. In some cases, this will mean on-site Vietnamese interpretation, but in other cases, it will mean remote interpretation services. If you’re concerned about reliability, in-person interpretation may be better, since you don’t have to worry about technological mishaps—but if you’re interested in convenience, remote Vietnamese interpretation services may be better for you.

We have Vietnamese interpreters all over Vietnam, the Vietnamese-speaking part of China, and in countries around the world that have Vietnamese-speaking communities, so we can easily provide on-site Vietnamese interpretation services no matter where you are. Just let us know your location, and we’ll arrange for the most suitable Vietnamese interpreter to meet you. If we don’t have anyone in your area, we can fly someone out to you (but we’ll need you to cover their transportation costs).


We can also provide remote Vietnamese interpretation services, if you prefer that. This simply involves adding our Vietnamese interpreter to your remote call, whether it’s over Zoom or another telecommunications application or over the traditional telephone, and allowing them to interpret for you as you conduct your business meeting or interview. Don’t worry about time zones—we have interpreters all around the world, so time zones aren’t an issue.

Our Vietnamese interpreters can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

If you’re going to present at an event for a Vietnamese-speaking audience, participate in a huge multilingual conference, or be involved in a live TV broadcast for multilingual viewers, simultaneous Vietnamese interpretation services are likely better for you. In this scenario, the interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets the content while they’re still speaking, with the output feeding into headphones worn by those listening, in the case of a conference. If, instead, you’re going to participate in a smaller business meeting or conference, interview, or conversation, consecutive Vietnamese interpretation services are probably best. Here, each speaker only says a sentence or two at a time before pausing to let the interpreter translate the content. We provide both kinds of Vietnamese interpretation services!

We can handle technical jargon in our Vietnamese interpretation services.

In interpretation, accuracy and reliability are important. You need a Vietnamese interpreter you can count on, even if you bring esoteric topics into the conversation. Don’t worry—our Vietnamese interpreters come from a wide array of backgrounds, so no matter what your discipline is, we should have someone on the team who knows your field. 

What kind of Vietnamese interpretation services would you like? Get in touch today so we can discuss your needs.

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