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Slovak to English Translation Services


If you plan to do business outside Slovakia, want an academic text translated for a wider audience, or would like to market your products internationally, you’ll need the right Slovak to English translation services for your project. For that, you can rest assured that your message is being translated with care and expertise when you work with the team of translators at


Ask for a quote for Slovak to English translation services.


Slovak is a West Slavic language related to Czech and Polish that has more than five million speakers. Like other West Slavic languages, Slovak has highly inflectional grammar, which means the end of a word can greatly affect both its sense and that of the entire sentence. Similarly, word order is important in Slovak. As such, the same words can be used in a different order to send a message with a wholly different nuance or connotation. Keeping that in mind, you should be sure to work with translators who understand these subtle differences in meaning for your documents.


Just some of the materials we translate into English 


  • Business documents. For those planning to expand their enterprise, we have years of experience translating all kinds of business documents. These include business plans, bank statements, product information, and others.

  • Tourism materials. As Slovakia proves to be a sought-after tourist destination for its hiking and historic sites, you should have the right materials to attract English-speaking customers and ensure a great experience for them. We translate a wide variety of material for hotels, travel agencies, and tour companies throughout Slovakia.

  • Academic texts. Our team of translators has years of experience in translating academic materials such as journal articles, books, and research documents for both professors and graduate students. In the past, we’ve worked with academics from Comenius University to help publish their work for a global academic audience.


Whether you find yourself in Bratislava, Košice, Prešov, Novi Sad, or elsewhere and need Slovak to English translation, can help you. We’re ready to assist you with your project by leveraging our experience and deep familiarity with the Slovak language.


To learn about our services or get a Slovak to English translation quote, message us.

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