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Portuguese Interpretation Services Available On Site and Remotely


Never worry about seamless communication with Portuguese speakers again.

Since Portugal isn’t an overly large country, especially compared to its neighbors Spain and France, many people are surprised to learn that Portuguese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. That’s thanks to Brazil, which accounts for the majority of the world’s 250 million native Portuguese speakers.

Whether you’re in Brazil or Portugal (or other Portuguese-speaking countries like Mozambique and East Timor), a professional Portuguese interpreter can help you communicate with locals seamlessly and effortlessly. At, we have professional Portuguese interpreters ready to help clients understand the content of business meetings in Portugal, give presentations at international conferences in Brazil, and interview Portuguese-speaking locals in Angola. Regardless of the dialect, content, and type of interpretation services you need, we’re ready to help.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and request a free quote for our Portuguese interpretation services!

A bit of information about the Portuguese language

Portuguese originated in Portugal, developing from the dialects of Vulgar Latin spoken in the western Iberian Peninsula. Today, Brazil accounts for the majority of Portuguese speakers, with European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese exhibiting important differences in not just pronunciation and vocabulary but also grammar. In particular, the use of the second-person pronoun can differ significantly, with Brazilian Portuguese having lost the formal/informal distinction of European Portuguese. But there’s significant variation within Brazilian Portuguese as well.

Like other Romance languages, Portuguese divides words into masculine and feminine genders, which determines which article and adjective forms are used with them. Another feature Portuguese shares with its fellow Romance languages is a complicated verb conjugation system, wherein verbs conjugate for tense, aspect, mood, person, and number. Thanks to the convoluted inflection, Portuguese speakers can often omit the subject from a sentence, since it’s marked on the verb. Portuguese tenses are sometimes different from those in other Romance languages, however—for example, the present perfect implies iterative action that will continue in the future, which can be confusing for English speakers. Therefore, professional Portuguese interpretation services can be invaluable.

Choose between in-person interpretation services and remote interpretation services.

Our team is passionate about interpreting Portuguese, whether we travel to your location and interpret in person or simply join your conference call and interpret remotely. Both types of interpretation have their advantages—on-site interpretation allows for more expressive body language and situational context and eliminates concerns about technological disruptions, and remote interpretation is a convenient option for accessing Portuguese interpretation services from anywhere.

We have Portuguese interpreters all over the globe, so we can send someone out to you no matter where you are in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor, and other Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries. Since Portuguese is such a global language, we also have Portuguese interpreters in international cities around the world, and even if we don’t have a professional near you, we’d be happy to fly someone out if you’re willing to cover their transportation costs.

Remote Portuguese interpretation is often an attractive option as well. If you’re part of a virtual business meeting, conference, interview, or other type of online communication, you can simply invite one of our Portuguese interpreters to join the call to interpret the conversation. We can also work with conference calls over the telephone. This is a highly convenient way to access Portuguese interpretation services because we can match you with the most suitable interpreter we have available, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Are simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services more appropriate for you?

Have you determined whether you require simultaneous or consecutive Portuguese interpretation services? If you’re presenting at an international conference to an audience that speaks different languages, or if you’re looking for Portuguese interpretation services for a live television broadcast, simultaneous interpretation is more appropriate. Here, the speaker never stops for the interpreter—the interpreter relays the information into the other language in real time as they listen to the speaker. On the other hand, if you’re part of a dialogue—whether in a small meeting or conference, an interview, or a conversation—consecutive Portuguese interpretation services are better. In this case, speakers pause after every sentence or two to allow the interpreter to relay the message to the other parties.

Specialized Portuguese interpretation services for any field

Our Portuguese interpreters are masters of many fields. Not only are they interpretation experts, but many of them also boast subject matter expertise in other disciplines, which allows them to easily navigate technical jargon in various domains. So, if you’re dealing with esoteric topics, don’t worry—just tell us what you need, and we’ll set you up with the best Portuguese interpreter for the job.

Are you ready for Portuguese interpretation services? To get started, just send us a message with the specifications of your needs.

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