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Polish Voiceover Services


There’s no better way to engage an audience than through a verbal message. After all, text doesn’t capture people’s attention the way that speech does, and text inevitably loses a lot of the nuance that verbal messages carry. That’s why creators of all kinds of projects—from online videos, commercials, and films to presentations, product demonstrations, and video games—are opting for professional voiceovers. Voiceovers allow for an extra layer of engagement and immersion usually unavailable to text-only content.

Polish is just one of many languages we at offer professional voiceover services in. We’re dedicated to quality, offering our clients the full range of voiceover services. That means we’ll help you decide on the best Polish voice actors for your voiceover, meticulously record the lines to your specifications with high-quality equipment, and refine the files post-production to clean them up. The Polish voiceover files you’ll receive will be ready for immediate implementation in your project. Quality is the promise.

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Discover a whole new audience with Polish voiceovers.

Polish is spoken by roughly 50 million people globally, approximately 38 million of whom live in Poland. The rest are spread across the world in Polish’s exceptionally large diaspora. Polish is a West Slavic language closely related to Czech and Slovak and more distantly to languages like Russian and Ukrainian. It’s written in the Latin alphabet, but the unique orthography, with “sz” and “cz” representing “sh” and “ch,” respectively, makes it look intimidating to English speakers.

Don’t have your original text translated into Polish yet? While this is, of course, a prerequisite for a Polish voiceover, we can handle the translation for you. Our team is staffed with Polish translation experts who can easily convert the nuances of your English script into Polish, despite the numerous challenges Polish presents, such as its three genders, seven cases, and exceptionally high degree of inflection. Like other Slavic languages, Polish verbs also tend to come in perfective and imperfective pairs, which can be tricky for English speakers.

How can a Polish voiceover improve your content?

Don’t underestimate the value of a voiceover for any content. If you want to enhance immersion and engagement, a voiceover is a fantastic strategy. Voiceovers also allow your audience to better take in the visual aspects of your content, since they don’t have to read subtitles. Finally, your viewers may come away with an enhanced impression of you, since an investment in voiceover services shows your dedication to quality.

Sometimes, content creators opt only for an English voiceover, but depending on your target audience, this may not be optimal. To truly capture the attention of a Polish audience, a Polish voiceover is the only viable choice—even if many Poles speak English, not all do, and they’re far more comfortable in Polish. We’ll provide translation and voiceover services in Polish so you can engage viewers in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and more.

We bring Polish voiceover experts to your content.

There’s one very important rule when purchasing a Polish voiceover: invest in quality. Not only will a low-quality voiceover not offer all the above-mentioned benefits, but it will likely also annoy your audience and degrade their opinion of you and your work. So, quality matters. At, we’ve recruited a team of the top voiceover talent in Poland to make sure you can get the highest-quality voiceovers possible.

Whether you’re working on a corporate presentation, an educational documentary film, or a fun video game, you can count on our team of Polish voiceover experts, since they’ve amassed vast experience in all sorts of domains. Indeed, if you want to wow your audience in Poland with a great voiceover, you’ve come to the right place.

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