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Our On-Site and Remote Polish Interpretation Services


Polish interpretation services: an easy way to connect with people in Poland

If you think the entire world speaks English, think again. Yes, it may be the most spoken language in the world, with several times more second-language speakers than native speakers, but regardless, the majority of the world doesn’t speak English—and that includes Poland. While Poland boasts a higher English proficiency rate than a lot of countries, many people in the Slavic nation still don’t speak English, and those who do are more comfortable in their native Polish.

This means that if you’re in Poland for whatever reason—whether it’s a business trip, a research excursion, or adventurous tourism—English won’t be enough to connect with locals. At, we’re all about connecting people from around the world, which is why we set up a Polish interpretation team to help English speakers communicate smoothly with Polish speakers. We cover a multitude of different locations, interpretation styles, and content types, so no matter who you are, you can benefit from our Polish interpretation services.

Don’t hesitate to message us today for a free quote for our Polish interpretation services!

What is Polish like as a language?

Polish, with its roughly 45 million native speakers and 5 million non-native speakers, is a West Slavic language native to the Central European country of Poland. With a large Polish diaspora, Polish speakers can also be found in droves across Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and Israel. Though it may often be compared to Russian, the largest Slavic language, Polish is much more closely related to Czech and Slovak.

In terms of grammar, Polish is known for its incredible complexity. Word order is relatively free, made possible by the extensive inflection from the language’s three genders and seven cases. Adjectives must agree with the noun they modify in terms of gender, case, and number, and even verbs agree with gender in the past tense. In typical Slavic fashion, verbs come in two forms—imperfect and perfect—and are then conjugated for different tenses, aspects, and moods. Since verbs are also marked for person, pronouns are often dropped in Polish.

We can translate Polish no matter where you are, in person or remotely.

Our aim is to provide the most accessible Polish interpretation services possible. To this end, we offer Polish interpretation services not only in person in various locations but also remotely, allowing people from anywhere in the world to take advantage of professional Polish interpretation. Just let us know which one you prefer!

In terms of on-site Polish interpretation services, our team is staffed with professional Polish interpreters from every corner of Poland as well as its neighboring countries in Europe and the many countries around the world where significant Polish-speaking communities can be found. But what if you’re somewhere with no Polish presence? Don’t fret—we’ll have one of our interpreters fly out to you, as long as you can pay for their transportation costs.

We also offer remote interpretation services for Polish, so if you prefer, you can simply invite our Polish interpreter to join you on Zoom, Skype, another telecommunications app, or even the regular telephone. This allows you to easily access our Polish interpretation services from anywhere in the world—and given the massive Polish diaspora, our team is full of Polish interpreters from all time zones.

Interpreting Polish simultaneously or consecutively—it’s your choice.

In interpretation services, there are two primary variations: simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. We offer both. It’s important to let us know in advance which one you’re looking for, since interpreters are trained differently for the two types.

Our simultaneous Polish interpreters relay information while the speaker is still talking. This is useful for speeches, presentations, TV broadcasts, or other one-way communication. Simultaneous interpretation is also common at multilingual conferences with speakers of many different languages, each tuning in with a headset through which they receive interpretation services in their language.

Our consecutive Polish interpreters, conversely, wait for the speaker to finish before translating the content for the other party (or parties). This type of interpretation is generally used with smaller gatherings, such as small meetings or interviews. It’s less demanding for the interpreter, and they can even ask the speaker questions to clarify the content, making it a more accurate form of Polish interpretation.

Don’t worry about technical content during your Polish interpretation services.

Does your content touch on technical subject matter that the average Polish interpreter may not understand? Don’t worry. Simply notify us in advance, and we’ll comb through our extensive roster of Polish interpretation experts to find one who’s an expert in your field. With the size of our team, we have Polish interpreters with knowledge in nearly every field.

It’s never been a better time to order Polish interpretation services—message us today to get started!

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