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Our Czech Interpretation Services: Available In Person or Online


It’s never been easier to access reliable Czech interpretation services.

English is the most widely spoken language on our vast planet, what with its status as the de facto global language. But just how many people speak English, anyway? Only around 17% of the world speaks English, leaving the vast majority of people outside the English-speaking world. Even in Czechia, which is ranked as having a “high” proficiency in English, the majority of people don’t speak English. So, if you find yourself in the Czech Republic without any Czech language skills, you’ll need a good Czech interpreter like the ones on our team.

With Czechia being a homogenous nation, most inhabitants are ethnically Czech and speak the Czech language as their native tongue. This gives Czech around 10 million native speakers, many of whom are monolingual, although the language is largely mutually intelligible with neighboring Slovak. Here at, we’re proud to interpret between English and Czech for people in all corners of the Czech Republic, as well as elsewhere around the world.

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Let’s dive into Czech a bit more.

Naturally, Czech comes from the Czech Republic, where it’s the native language of most inhabitants. As a West Slavic language, Czech is closely related to Slovak, to the point that speakers of the two languages can still converse while each using their respective language. It’s also closely related to Polish (but to a lesser degree) and is more distantly related to other Slavic languages like Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Serbian.

Czech is notorious for its complex grammar and pronunciation, making it an incredibly tricky language for learners to master. Regarding pronunciation, it’s one of only a handful of languages to feature a raised alveolar trill, represented by the letter ř. Moving onto grammar, Czech features a whopping seven cases and three genders, with the masculine gender further divided into animate and inanimate categories. Nouns, adjectives, and demonstratives decline to agree with the respective case-gender combination, and even verbs are marked for gender in the past tense. Person markers on verbs often render an explicit pronoun redundant, and the various aspect forms of verbs can leave a Czech learner scratching their head.

We can provide Czech interpretation services at your location or over the internet.

If you need Czech interpretation services, we’re determined to make them available to you—no matter where you are. On site or online, how you receive your Czech interpretation services is your choice.

Since we have team members located in all parts of the Czech Republic, we can easily provide in-person Czech interpretation services if you’re in the Central European nation. Even in other places, we may have professional Czech interpreters ready to serve you. And if we don’t have anyone in your area, we can put them on a plane to you (although we’ll have to increase the price to account for their travel expenses).

The other option is to use our remote Czech interpretation services, which we deliver over the internet or phone. Zoom, Skype, another chatting app, or even the traditional telephone—it’s your choice how to conduct your remote Czech interpretation services. However you wish to proceed, our Czech interpreter will join your call and carry out the interpretation in real time, with physical location no longer an obstacle.

Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services for Czech? We offer both!

It’s important to know whether you need simultaneous interpretation services or consecutive interpretation services. We’ll walk you through the key differences for both.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is translating the speech at the same time that the original speaker is talking. Of course, there’s a delay of a few seconds as the interpreter listens to the speaker, but then they interpret the content while they listen to the speaker’s next sentence. If you need Czech interpretation services for a speech, presentation, or live TV broadcast, simultaneous interpretation is your best choice.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter plays a more active role in the dialogue, waiting for the speaker to finish before translating the content for the other party. This means the conversation proceeds only a sentence or two at a time, but the results tend to be more accurate than in simultaneous interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is the best choice for conversations between small numbers of people, such as interviews, conferences, or business meetings.

Esoteric language? No problem for our team of Czech interpreters!

Whether you’re conducting academic interviews about geological phenomena, hosting a business meeting to discuss technical research and development, or putting on a conference for experts in neurosurgery, if your content revolves around a technical or niche subject, we can still help. Since we hire Czech interpreters who have expertise in a wide range of fields, it’s easy for us to tackle highly technical jobs like these—so just let us know what field you’re working in, and we’ll take it from there.

Great Czech interpretation services start here. Take the first step today—send us a message!

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