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Persian Voiceover Services


People connect much better with voice than text—and that matters when it comes to informational or artistic content. In general, a message delivered verbally has a more profound impact on the listener than the same content would in writing, and creators can use this to their advantage. All sorts of content—from corporate presentations, product demonstrations, and commercials to informative online videos, entertaining movies, and video games—can benefit from the immense power of professional voiceovers.

We at believe in the power of voiceovers because we see it every day with our clients. We help clients worldwide produce voiceovers in dozens of languages, including Persian. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you get the high-quality Persian voiceover you want, meaning we aid in the selection of the best voice actors, record the lines with state-of-the-art equipment, and polish the files after recording. We are, after all, a leading voiceover services provider in Persian and other languages. 

See how little a professional Persian voiceover can cost by requesting a free quote today.

Persian: a prestigious Middle Eastern language

Persian is the national language of Iran, where most of its speakers are concentrated, but it’s also used widely in parts of Afghanistan (where it’s called Dari), Tajikistan (where it’s called Tajik), and Azerbaijan and Russia’s Dagestan (where it’s called Tat). Altogether, Persian has roughly 110 million speakers and enjoys a long, rich history of literary tradition. With Persian being one of the most prestigious languages in the Muslim world, Persian speakers tend to be proud of their language.


Persian is an Indo–European language, meaning it’s technically related to English. But you wouldn’t know that by seeing or hearing it. It uses a subject-object-verb word order and may omit the subject or object if it’s obvious. It also features two cases and “light verbs,” which can be combined with nouns to produce compound verbs. Given all these differences, it’s important to hire professionals to translate your script into Persian—something we’re happy to do for you.

What are the benefits of a professional voiceover?

A high-quality voiceover can enhance your content in a number of ways. Viewers are more likely to want to watch your content, and they’ll lose themselves more easily in the world you’ve created. If you’re trying to disseminate a certain message, your viewers will pick it up more easily with a voiceover. Finally, a voiceover can even improve the reputation of you or your brand!

If you’re looking to connect with an audience in Iran (or Tajikistan or parts of Afghanistan or Azerbaijan), a professional Persian voiceover is a must. Persian gives you access to a large audience in the Middle East and Central Asia, helping spread your content to Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Dushanbe, and beyond. And don’t forget that we can translate your content into Persian, too!

Trust our team of voiceover experts.

When you commit to producing a Persian voiceover, you want the best. You want one that engages viewers, immerses them in your content, and helps them take away your desired message—not one that annoys them and degrades their image of you and your brand. Those are the dangers of a poorly done voiceover. At, however, we have the right expertise to make your Persian voiceover a hit.

Our Persian voiceover professionals come to us from all corners of the industry, having worked on everything from product demonstrations for high-end corporations to informational videos for small YouTubers. So, no matter what your project is, our Persian voiceover services can help you engage Iran.

What do you want a Persian voiceover to do for you? Talk to us about your vision today.

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