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Odia to English Translation Services


Odia is one of the most widely spoken languages in the remarkably linguistically diverse country of India, which boasts more than 450 indigenous languages. With roughly 35 million native speakers, Odia is no small language. But compared to English, it is—English has more than 350 million native speakers, and the total number of speakers is as high as 1.35 billion. So, if you want to succeed globally—whether in business, academia, creative pursuits, or anything else—English will be key.

If you’re an Odia speaker, you’ll need a reliable Odia-to-English translation service to help you navigate the international market. Luckily, that’s precisely what we at can do for you. We’re experts at Odia translation, no matter the type of document or content. We’ve carefully selected an elite team of Odia translators passionate about bridging language barriers, so if you need Odia-to-English translation services for any reason, just turn to us.

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What are the challenges involved in Odia-to-English translation?

Odia, which is mostly spoken in the Indian state of Odisha, is technically related to English—but only very distantly. They’re both part of the expansive Indo-European language family, which, in line with its name, includes both European and Indian languages. Odia is on the Indian side of the family, related to Hindi. Odia also uses its own writing system—the Odia script, sometimes called the Kalinga script. The writing system relies primarily on consonant characters, modifying them with diacritic markings to indicate vowel sounds.

Odia doesn’t have grammatical gender, but it does use cases to inform the grammatical relationships between words in a sentence. There are eight cases in Odia: nominative, accusative, dative, genitive, locative, instrumental, ablative, and vocative. The language also features informal, formal, and honorific versions of the second-person pronoun. Unlike English, Odia places adpositions after the nouns they modify, rendering them postpositions instead of prepositions. When specifying the number of a noun, Odia speakers use noun classifiers—there are several different ones depending on the qualities of the noun. So, translating from Odia into English can be tricky, given the differences. But don’t worry—our Odia translators boast years of experience and know precisely how to translate seamlessly from Odia.

Translating your documents of choice from Odia to English

We specifically put together a diverse Odia translation team well versed in various areas of Odia translation so that we can accommodate your translation needs, no matter what they are. Whether your document is professional, academic, literary, or personal in nature, allow us to translate it from Odia to English for you. Our Odia-to-English translation services are the perfect solution for companies in Odisha who want to make a splash in the international market or Odia-speaking academics who want to share their findings with their international peers. Our translators can also help Odia-speaking authors and other content creators take their works worldwide with tailored translations that retain your original literary style. We’re here for all your Odia translation needs.

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