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Spanish Dubbing Services


Great content is universal—but if your content is only available in one language, you’re closing off a massive potential audience. Take the Spanish-speaking world, for example. Spanish is the second-biggest native language in the world and the third-most widely spoken language in the world, and many Spanish speakers don’t speak English. So, if your TV show, movie, online video, or game is only available in English, you’re missing out on millions upon millions of potential fans.

Here at, we’re passionate about helping creators spread their works around the world while capturing the hearts of new audiences. Subtitles are great, and they can open your work up to new viewers, but they can’t compare to dubs, which give your audience the most authentic experience possible in their language. We have a highly skilled Spanish dubbing team with experience in all sorts of TV series, movies, videos, and games, and we’re excited to give your Spanish-speaking audience an elevated viewing experience.

How much do our Spanish dubbing services cost? Reach out to us today to discover a free quote.

Spanish dubs unlock a huge new audience.

Spanish is spoken as a native language by more than 493 million people in Spain and across all of Latin America, including in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, and beyond. With English proficiency relatively low among Spanish speakers, translating your drama, movie, or game into Spanish is a must to capture this valuable audience. Dubs take your cinematic creation to a new level, allowing viewers to soak in the Spanish voice acting instead of reading subtitles and potentially missing important visual cues—and since Spanish speakers are already used to dubs, they expect them.

Spanish is a Romance language similar to FrenchItalian, and Portuguese. It’s related to English—they’re both from the Indo–European language family—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for Spanish speakers to master English, or vice versa. Spanish famously features grammatical gender, with all nouns being either masculine or feminine, and since it marks person on the verb, first- and second-person pronouns tend to be omitted. The Spanish verb system is also complicated, with verbs conjugating for various tenses, aspects, and moods. It takes a true expert to seamlessly translate an English script into Spanish for dubbing and execute the voice acting with the appropriate passion and precision—but that’s exactly what our Spanish dubbing team is here for.

Spanish dubbing services for all kinds of content.

Our Spanish dubbing team works with content and media of all kinds—from YouTube videos, to feature-length films and popular TV dramas, to creative indie video games. If you want to give your Spanish-speaking audience a more immersive experience, we’re here for you. Our team consists of top Spanish-language voice actors from across the industry, hailing from different Hispanic countries and boasting experience in various genres. Thus, we can easily match you to voice actors with relevant experience who speak the dialect of Spanish you’re seeking.

Ready to blow away your Spanish-speaking audience? Reach out to us today to discuss your Spanish dubbing needs.

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