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Kurdish to English Translation Services


Do you or your company need Kurdish to English translation services? is helping Kurdish businesses and professionals extend their reach to more people around the world.

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Kurdish, or Kurdi, is an official language in Iraq and is also spoken in Afghanistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. It is estimated that 30 million people speak Kurdish, and many Kurdish businesses target only these Kurdish-speaking audiences. To enter the market of about 1.5 billion English speakers, however, they need to speak this global language.


  • Whatever industry you operate in, you need Kurdish to English translation to compete internationally. Manufacturing companies, for example, need to translate product inserts and labels, user guides, certifications, and warranties before selling or distributing products in the global market.


  • If your company would like to establish a business presence outside Kurdish-speaking areas, you will need Kurdish to English translation for your business plan, operations manuals, company policies, employee contracts, non-disclosure agreements, human resources policies, and work safety procedures.


  • Those in the Kurdish academic community, such as researchers, professors, and graduate students, come to us for translation of their journal articles, research studies, dissertations, and theses to reach a wider community of learners and collaborate with other experts in the same field of study.


Our team of translators comprises native English speakers who know the peculiarities of both Kurdish and English and provide top-notch translation services. They come from different backgrounds and have a range of areas of expertise, which is why we can match the most qualified translator to your project, whether it is legal, academic, business, technical, industrial, or medical in nature. can translate the documents you need to expand your company globally and adhere to government, legal, and business requirements. In the same way, we support the efforts of Kurdish academics to make a change in the global community. Whether you are in Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Erbil, or Abu Ghraib, our Kurdish to English translation service is available to you at reasonable rates.


Check out our competitive pricing by requesting a free translation quote today.

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