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Khmer to English Translation Services


Cambodia has had one of the highest annual GDP growth rates in Southeast Asia for the past several years. A big percentage of that GDP relies on exports, but tourism has made a significant contribution, as well.


Cambodian businesses typically cater only to Khmer speakers, who number 15 to 20 million worldwide. But there’s a bigger economic potential for businesses when they switch their language of communication to also cater to the 1.5 billion English speakers in the global market.


Businesses in Cambodia intending to expand globally need Khmer to English translation services. If your business wants to benefit from this service, get a translation quote from today. meets the translation needs of Cambodians in the following sectors:


  • Manufacturing – We satisfy the demand for Khmer to English translation from businesses that participate in global trade. We translate documents such as business proposals, business portfolios, product brochures, sales reports, and financial statements. We also partner with a legal translation agency to translate legal documents such as corporate bylaws, insurance policies, trade agreements, etc.


  • Tourism – Travel agencies, hotels, resorts and other tourist attractions rely on our Khmer to English translation services to attract more visitors and facilitate a positive travel experience. We translate posters and brochures for Cambodia’s popular travel destinations, as well as tour packages, fact sheets, travel guides, travel services agreements, websites, etc.


  • Academia – caters to the needs of Khmer-speaking academics. We translate journal articles, theses, seminar presentations, books, and handbooks for researchers, professors, and graduate students to help them share their works and scientific findings globally. We’ve worked with professors at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Zaman University, and Paññasastra University of Cambodia.


If you need top-quality Khmer to English translation services, consider

Here is why Khmer clients choose us:


  • Our team of native English-speaking Khmer translators consists of businesspeople, lawyers, health practitioners, engineers, accountants, and computer experts. Hence, whatever the topic of your document, we have the right expert to translate it.


  • We offer competitive prices with fast turnaround times.


  • Our translation services are available worldwide. We work with clients from Phnom Penh, Ta Khmau, Battambang, Siem Reap, and everywhere else.


  • Our project managers make sure every client gets excellent service.


Get started with a translation quote.

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