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Remote and On-Site Interpretation Services for Hindi


Our professional Hindi interpreters will be your guides to the Hindi-speaking world.

India is one of the world’s most populated countries—and one of the world’s most linguistically diverse. India is estimated to have around 130 million English speakers who sometimes use the language as a lingua franca, but with a population of over a billion, that’s not that high. Hindi, conversely, is spoken by around 600 million people in the country.

At, we can be your partner in India, helping you communicate effortlessly with Hindi-speaking business partners, interviewees, research subjects, and more. Our team is diverse and highly experienced, able to provide consecutive and simultaneous Hindi interpretation services both remotely and in person. Our services are well suited to business meetings, conferences, interviews, and any other situation where you need to break down the language barrier between English and Hindi. 


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Discovering Hindi, the lingua franca of India

Hindi is the standardized version of the pluricentric Hindustani language used in India—Urdu is the standardized version of the same language used in Pakistan. According to the 2011 Indian census, 322 million people in India speak Hindi as a native language, with an additional 270 million speaking it as a second language. Speakers all across India and even the world (since Hindi is also spoken by minority communities in Fiji, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago) use different dialects, and it’s important to make sure your interpreter can cater to your dialect.

Believe it or not, Hindi is related to English. They’re both Indo-European languages, but whereas English hails from the European side, Hindi comes from the Indo side. Like many European languages, Hindi features grammatical gender (masculine and feminine) as well as three cases (nominative, oblique, and vocative). Both nouns and adjectives inflect for gender, case, and number. Hindi even features split ergativity with its special postposition marker for the subjects of perfective transitive sentences, which can be tricky for English speakers to master—so hiring professional Hindi interpreters is always a good idea.


We can interpret Hindi for you in person or remotely.

Our team works with clients who need Hindi interpretation services for various purposes. Some of them are attending business meetings in New Delhi, some are organizing big, multilingual conferences in Mumbai, and some are interviewing Hindi-speaking locals in Fiji. It’s important for each client to determine whether they need on-site Hindi interpretation, with the interpreter traveling to meet them in person, or whether remote Hindi interpretation services will suffice. Luckily, we provide both services.

No matter where you are in India, if you want on-site Hindi interpretation services, we can send a professional interpreter out to meet you. Having a Hindi interpreter on site offers a more dynamic interpretation experience with more expressive body language and no risk of technological woes—it’s a great option for conferences, meetings, interviews, and more that you need Hindi interpretation services for. We can send a Hindi interpreter to you anywhere in India or in major global cities with an Indian presence—or even anywhere in the world, if you can cover the transportation costs to fly someone out.

Thanks to technology, you can also access high-quality Hindi interpretation services from anywhere in the world without meeting your interpreter in person. That’s what we offer in our remote Hindi interpretation services—just add our interpreter to your call (whether over Zoom, Skype, or a landline telephone), and they’ll help you communicate with your Hindi-speaking conversation partners. Time zones are no object!

Simultaneous and consecutive Hindi interpretation services both available

Do you need simultaneous or consecutive Hindi interpretation services? Knowing the difference is important, since they’re suited to different types of interpretation scenarios. Simultaneous interpretation is often used for multilingual presentations or live TV broadcasts, with the interpreters translating orally in real time as the speaker is still speaking. Consecutive interpretation, on the other hand, is great for smaller meetings or conferences with multiple parties in conversation, as the interpreter interprets only after the speaker has finished their utterance. We provide both types of interpretation services for Hindi, so you just have to determine which works best for you.

Specialized Hindi interpretation services catered to different industries

If you’re working with complicated subject matter that only experts understand, don’t worry! Our Hindi interpreters hail from a wide array of professional backgrounds, so we have Hindi interpretation professionals in just about every domain you can think of. We’ll be sure to match you with the Hindi interpreter most suitable for your subject matter and dialect.

What kind of Hindi interpretation services do you need? Let us know all the details in a message today!

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