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Haitian Creole to English Translation Services

Haitian Creole

While Haiti is officially bilingual, with Haitians using both Haitian Creole and French, a majority of Haitians use Kreyòl as their only language of communication. To set up effective communication in Haiti, you will need more than French translation services.


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Haitian Creole is a language with unique origins and more than 11 million speakers. Most of its vocabulary is based on French, while most of its grammatical features are derived from different languages from the Kwa and Bantu language groups of West Africa. While French remains an important language in Haiti, its use is mostly restricted to writing and formal situations. Conversely, the large majority of Haitians use Haitian Creole in their day-to-day lives almost exclusively. That makes Haitian Creole to English translation services essential for English users working in Haiti or on Haitian materials.


Materials we translate from Haitian Creole to English


  • Tourism documents. Our team of translators regularly works with travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and operators of tourist attractions to help them attract more visitors and facilitate enjoyable experiences for tourists from around the world.

  • Literary works. Literary figures from Haiti such as Edwidge Danticat and Lyonel Trouillot have attained global audiences, as curiosity about Haitian literature has grown the world over. At, we have the needed background and experience to translate literary works from Haitian Creole into English for larger markets.


If you plan to reach a wider audience with English, you have to make sure you’re using the right translation service. Whether you’re in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haïtien, or Miami, is always ready and able to help you with your translation needs.


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