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English to Haitian Creole Translation Services

Haitian Creole

Haitian Creole (also known as Kreyòl) is the largest creole language in the world, with 10–12 million speakers worldwide. The vocabulary of Haitian Creole is largely based on French, while its grammar comes from languages of the Bantu and Kwa language groups of West Africa. Moreover, it includes words from languages such as English, Spanish, and Taino. While many people in Haiti speak French and Haitian Creole has many elements of the language, it is actually an entirely distinct language that is not mutually intelligible with French.


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While both Haitian Creole and French serve as the official languages of Haiti, the majority of the Haitian population is monolingual in Haitian Creole. And, although education and government services used to be primarily offered in French, the use of Haitian Creole in those domains has become much more common in recent years. As the language gains more traction, you cannot rely on French alone to capture the attention of the people of Haiti. With, you can be sure that your English communications will be translated into Haitian Creole with the utmost care.


Materials we can translate into Haitian Creole


  • Websites. Have your corporate, nonprofit, or e-commerce website reach a Haitian audience to increase exposure or sales.

  • Marketing materials. People respond best to sales and advertising in their native languages. So we translate a wide variety of marketing materials, including packaging, advertisements, and brochures to make sure you reach and hold a wider audience.

  • Technical documents. We translate technical manuals as well as user and installation guides for customers. Likewise, we translate employee handbooks and guides for companies and their employees.


Whether you’re in Port-au-Prince, Miami, Cap-Haïtien, or Montreal, our team of translators is ready to help you. At, we strive for the highest-quality translations for our clients.

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