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Filipino Voiceover Services


What’s better than a text-only video? A video with a voiceover, of course! Most people agree that voiceovers improve the quality of a video or other similar medium, such as a presentation, film, commercial, product demo, or video game. After all, a voiceover makes content much more engaging and immersive, and viewers can focus more on the graphics because they don’t have to read any subtitles. To make matters even better, voiceovers make the message in your content easier to remember.

Considering all the benefits of voiceovers, purchasing professional voiceover services is a no-brainer. is a leading voiceover services agency that provides voiceovers in several different languages, and one of them is Filipino, the national language of the Philippines. With us, you can choose the best voice actors, feel confident that we’ll record your lines with the utmost professionalism, and receive polished audio files that you can immediately embed in your content. It’s that easy.

Ask for a quote for our Filipino voiceover services today to see how little it can cost.

Grow your audience by several million with a Filipino voiceover.

As its name implies, Filipino is the national language of the island archipelago nation of the Philippines. It’s the standardized form of Tagalog and is spoken by around 80% of the country, which has a population of nearly 110 million. Wikang Filipino, as speakers call the language, promotes a sense of Filipino pride by uniting the highly ethnically diverse country under a single indigenous language. 

Our team would be happy to translate your text into Filipino in preparation for a voiceover. It’s a good idea to leave the translation to professionals because Filipino grammar is notoriously complicated, with an intricate trigger system that places emphasis on different parts of a sentence, as well as a complex labyrinth of prefixes, suffixes, and infixes to alter the nuance of verbs. Our professional Filipino translators can tackle these difficulties with ease.

Reap the many benefits of a Filipino voiceover.

Investing in a professional voiceover could be one of the best choices you ever make for your content. Your viewers will appreciate it because it provides them with a better, more immersive viewing experience, and since your audience will more easily remember your message, you benefit, too. Plus, investing in a voiceover exhibits your commitment to quality, which also improves your brand image. 

Many people in the Philippines speak English, but many more speak Filipino—and even the ones who speak English are generally more comfortable with Filipino. So, if you want to engage Filipinos—whether they’re in Manila, Cebu City, Davao City, or Zamboanga City—you should purchase Filipino voiceover services. And if you don’t have a translation prepared, no problem—let our Filipino translation experts take care of this tricky task!

We’ve found the best in the Filipino voiceover industry.

When you order a Filipino voiceover, it’s important to make sure it’s of excellent quality. All the benefits that a voiceover can afford a content creator can only materialize if the voiceover is high quality. A poor-quality voiceover can, conversely, negatively impact your audience’s view of you. However, at, we’ve hired top-class voice acting talent in the Philippines, so you don’t have to worry.

We have experience working with all sorts of projects, so whether you’re a major corporation, independent content creator, video game developer, or anyone else, we have the right voiceover experts to help you. We also understand the ins and outs of the Filipino market, so we’re your best bet if you’re looking to spread your content to the Philippines.

Get started today—reach out so we can discuss your Filipino voiceover needs.

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