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English to Filipino Translation Services


Filipino, also known as Tagalog, is the lingua franca of various ethnic groups in the Philippines, which are scattered across the country’s +7,000 islands. A third of the country’s population speaks Filipino as a native language, while a great majority are second-language speakers. There are a total of 70 million Filipino speakers in the Philippines and another 30 million around the globe.


Other than in the Philippines, large Filipino-speaking communities can be found in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, and China. So if you’re thinking of taking your business to the Philippines or aspiring to influence this considerable audience worldwide, having your business and product information or creative work translated into Filipino is a wise decision.


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Why choose


  • We rely on human translators to guarantee accuracy. Translation software, however sophisticated, is not capable of detecting subtle nuances in English, nor is it capable of discerning culturally appropriate terms to use in Filipino. Unreliable translation software can in fact cause roadblocks instead of bridging language gaps. Here at, our English to Filipino translators, all native speakers, can help you develop natural, clear, and effective Filipino text. That isn't to say we may not use translation software to aid in our work, but we'll always have our experienced human translators meticulously pore over all machine output.


  • Our English to Filipino translation team is versatile. Technical terminology and academic jargon can halt any translation project, but because our translators are knowledgeable in specialized topics in 400+ areas of study, we can provide accurate and fast English to Filipino translation services. We translate business documents, academic papers, advertising materials, and creative works, among others.


  • We offer worldwide availability. Whether you’re planning to expand your business in Manila, Quezon, or Batangas or are looking for a way to make your work available to the Filipino communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Edmonton, or Melbourne, we’ve got you covered. We also provide 24/7 availability.


  • Our rates are competitive. We offer reasonable rates for uncompromised quality.


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