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English to Kikuyu Translation Services


Kikuyu belongs to the Southern Bantu language family alongside Swahili, Xhosa, and Zulu. However, unlike these languages and other languages spoken throughout East Africa (such as Kirundi and Kinyarwanda), translation agencies don’t often provide professional Kikuyu translation services. That’s not the case here at Our team is experienced at translating into underserved languages such as Kikuyu so that your message can have maximum reach.


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Kikuyu (also known as Gikuyu) is the third-most widely spoken language in Kenya, with English and Swahili as the top two. Kikuyu is also spoken by a significant population in Tanzania and Uganda, giving it more than 7 million speakers in total. It’s the language of the Kikuyu people of East Africa, who make up the largest ethnic group in Kenya. Thus, having access to proficient and experienced Kikuyu translation services can help present your work to a sizable audience in the region. 


Materials We Translate from English To Kikuyu


  • Websites. Kikuyu-language websites are few and far between, so having online content in the language is a great way to stand out and generate attention. We translate blogs, government pages, retail websites, and more.

  • Business documents. Feel confident that any digital content you produce is localized appropriately for audiences in East Africa. Our team will make sure that products such as phone apps, software, games, and other media are translated into natural Kikuyu.


If you want to share your message in Nairobi, Nyeri, or anywhere else, is ready to help. Our team will faithfully translate your work into Kikuyu while making sure it fits Kikuyu culture.


If you’d like to receive a quote for a Kikuyu translation or determine whether our services match your needs, message us now.

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