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Russian Interpreters Offering On-Site and Remote Services


Russian interpretation services can help you communicate with millions more people.

Did you know that most Russians can’t speak English? Only around 5% of Russians speak English well, so if you’re underway in Russia or need to communicate with Russian speakers, it can be difficult. That’s where Russian interpretation services come in.

Professional Russian interpreters can help you navigate all kinds of scenarios you may run into with Russian speakers—such as business meetings, international conferences, interviews, and more. Anytime you need to communicate with Russian speakers, you can count on Russian interpreters to break down the language barrier. At, our Russian interpretation team is flexible, diverse, and highly skilled, able to help clients from all domains with a wide range of Russian interpretation needs, whether you’re in Russia, Kazakhstan, or New York.

To see our rates for Russian interpretation services, get in touch and ask for a free quote.

What kind of language is Russian, anyway?

Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s the national language of Russia, spoken as a native language by most of the population and as a lingua franca by the ethnic minorities. But Russian is also spoken by significant minorities in former Soviet countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, and beyond. All in all, the language has about 260 million total worldwide speakers. 

While Russian is famous for its complexity, as an Indo-European language, it’s related to English—even if the similarities aren’t apparent to the average person. Russian nouns have three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter) and decline for six cases, with the case endings changing depending on the number and gender. In verbs, Russian places a strong emphasis on the perfective and imperfective aspects, with nearly every verb in the language coming in multiple aspectual forms that undergo different conjugation systems. What this means is that speakers have to use different verbs depending on whether an action has been or will be completed in its entirety. Tricky differences like this are why it’s so important to hire a professional Russian interpreter who’s familiar with Russian’s complicated grammar.

We provide Russian interpretation services both on site and remotely.

Russian interpretation services come in many forms. Depending on why you require our services, our Russian interpreters are prepared to meet you in person at the location of your choice or join your conference call to interpret Russian remotely. The advantage of in-person interpretation services is that you can pick up more body language cues and don’t have to worry about technological problems hampering your Russian interpretation experience, while the advantage of remote interpretation is that your location doesn’t matter.

We have Russian interpreters all over the Russian-speaking world, so wherever you are in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Baltics, the Caucasus, or elsewhere, we likely have someone on our Russian interpretation team who can go out to meet you. Since Russian speakers also live around the world in global cities, our on-site Russian interpretation services are often available outside of Russian-speaking areas as well. And if we don’t have anyone in your area, we can even fly an interpreter out (for an extra charge). 

If you’d rather access professional Russian interpretation services remotely, that’s fine too. Simply let us know your specifications, and we’ll set you up with the best Russian interpreter on our team for your situation. Our interpreter will join your Zoom call, Skype call, telephone call, or other remote communication tool and interpret your conversation in real time, even from the other side of the world. 

Determine whether you need simultaneous or consecutive Russian interpretation services.

Our team is trained to provide Russian interpretation services both simultaneously and consecutively, so all you have to do is determine which one is best for you. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter doesn’t wait for the original speaker to finish—they interpret as they listen, with the interpreted speech fed to audience members wearing headphones or watching a TV broadcast. Simultaneous interpretation works well for one-way speech in presentations or announcements. In consecutive interpretation, conversely, the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish before converting the content into the other language. This makes consecutive interpretation well suited to back-and-forth dialogue in meetings, conferences, interviews, and more.

Our Russian interpreters are trained in a wide range of domains.

To ensure we cover as much ground as possible, we’ve carefully selected Russian interpreters who are experts in a variety of fields. This ensures that they won’t stumble over technical jargon and can continue to accurately and smoothly interpret between English and Russian in the face of esoteric terminology. Make sure to let us know your field so we can match you with the most suitable Russian interpreter in our roster!

Why not reach out today with the details of your Russian interpretation needs? Let’s get started!

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