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Making Brazilian Portuguese Dubbing Services Accessible


With so many languages spoken around the world, why would you limit your content to a single one? If you’re a native English speaker, it’s easy to assume that most people in the world speak English, but that’s simply not the case. For example, in Brazil—the second-biggest country in the Americas by population—English proficiency is remarkably low, with most of the population monolingual in their native Brazilian Portuguese. Imagine the new potential audience you would open yourself up to with a Brazilian Portuguese dub of your movie, TV show, video game, or other content.

At, we’re all about making works as accessible as possible around the world. We help TV and film producers, video game developers, online content creators, and others create high-quality dubs in other languages to attract new audiences and spread their influence around the world. Subtitles can only take you so far, after all—what people really respond to is voice. So, why not work with our Brazilian Portuguese dubbing professionals to make your content more palatable to the more than 200 million speakers of Brazilian Portuguese?

Contact us today if you’d like to see a quote for our Brazilian Portuguese dubbing services. Quotes are always free!

Carve out a massive new audience in Brazil.

Brazil dominates the Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) world. Portuguese boasts more than 230 million native speakers, with around 215 million of those using the Brazilian variant. With millions of Brazilians having emigrated from Brazil, the majority to the United States, Brazilian Portuguese can also be found in countries around the world. Brazil accounts for around 2.74% of the global population, representing a huge untapped potential audience for your creative work—whether it’s a movie, TV series, game, or something else. Brazilians are eager to lap up your creations—but they also expect a nice, professional dub in their native Brazilian Portuguese.

Portuguese is a descendant of Latin, just like SpanishFrench, and Italian, bearing the most similarities to Spanish. This places it squarely in the Romance sub-family of the Indo–European language family, and, indeed, Brazilian Portuguese features all the hallmarks of Romance languages, including grammatical gender, person-marking on verbs, and a complicated array of verbal tenses and aspects. Brazilian Portuguese is also noted for its topic-prominent structure, with the element of focus in a sentence placed at the front. Though other Romance languages, like Spanish or French, may sometimes exhibit the same tendency, the feature is far more widespread in Brazilian Portuguese. What’s clear is that Brazilian Portuguese is worlds away from English, so, if you want Brazilian Portuguese dubs for your work, you should work with an experienced team of professionals.

We’re available to dub just about anything into Brazilian Portuguese.

What would you like to open up to a Brazilian audience? Our Brazilian Portuguese dubbing professionals have amassed experience working on diverse projects, so, whether you’re working on a feature-length action movie, a heart-wrenching TV soap opera, a fun and light-hearted YouTube video, or an immersive adventure video game, our team is happy to give your characters fitting voices in Brazilian Portuguese.

Brazil is a big country, so it’s only natural that a variety of Brazilian Portuguese dialects have developed around the South American nation, but our Brazilian Portuguese dubbing team is diverse, with professional voice actors from every state of the expansive country. So, if you’re looking for a particular Brazilian Portuguese dialect, all you have to do is tell us—we cover just about every type of Brazilian Portuguese you can imagine.

Dubbing your works into Brazilian Portuguese can have a massive impact on your career. Ready to see for yourself? Send us a message today!

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