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Professional Dubbing Services for Turkish


English is often touted as the “universal language,” but, in fact, most of the world doesn’t speak English. It is indeed the most spoken language on the planet, but, with English speakers (native and non-native) only accounting for around 17% of the global population, more than 80% of the world doesn’t speak it. That becomes all the more clear in countries like Turkey, where English proficiency is low. Though Turkey is home to numerous minority languages, such as Kurdish, Zaza, and Arabic, the vast majority of the Turkish population speaks Turkish as their native language—and, given Turkey’s huge population, this makes Turkish a great dubbing language for content creators looking to reach new audiences.

At, we love connecting people from different parts of our linguistically diverse planet through high-quality language services, including dubbing. We’re proud to present our Turkish dubbing team, a collection of the best voice actors and dubbing experts from the Turkish-speaking world ready to create Turkish voices for your film, TV drama, online video, game, or other content. Dubs are more powerful than subtitles because voice offers more nuance and immersion than cold, hard subtitles can—so ,if you want to truly cater to a Turkish-speaking audience, you’ll need Turkish dubs.

Do our Turkish dubbing services fit in with your budget? Find out today by requesting a free quote!

Unlock new potential in Turkey with our professional Turkish dubbing services.

With more than 82 million native speakers and an additional 6 million second-language speakers, Turkish is a huge language with massive reach and influence. It’s native not only to most parts of Turkey but also Northern Cyprus and parts of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Turkish speakers have also formed notable communities in Germany and Austria, expanding the geographical reach of the language even farther. Indeed, Turkish dubs offer a lot of potential to content creators.

Turkish is the biggest member of the Turkic language family, an expansive network of languages that stretch from the Anatolia Peninsula all the way to Russia’s Far East. The language is characterized by a few distinct features, including vowel harmony, wherein the vowels in a Turkish word must be all front vowels or all back vowels. This often means there are multiple versions of Turkish’s many case suffixes. Turkish uses a default word order of subject-object-verb, but this can be altered to change the emphasis—for example, a subject-verb-object order, the same order as in English, puts emphasis on the subject, while an object-verb-subject order places emphasis on the object. Differences like these make it clear that Turkish dubbing services should be handled by trained professionals.

We can dub just about anything into Turkish.

Since we’ve worked with producers of all sorts of content—from full-length, cinematic movies and popular dramas running over decades to punchy YouTube videos and immersive video games that suck the player into a fantasy world—we’re confident we can accommodate your Turkish dubbing needs with ease and professionalism. Our team of Turkish voice actors is passionate about what they do, so, no matter the genre of your work, they’re eager to give new voices to your beloved characters.

Our diversity isn’t just in the type of content we work with, either—it’s also in the varieties of Turkish we work with. With Turkish spoken over a large geographical range, native to a number of different countries in Europe and Asia, a plethora of Turkish dialects have popped up—and we’ve hired skilled Turkish voice actors in as many of them as possible. So, if you want dubs in a particular Turkish dialect, all you have to do is let us know.

Don’t wait to build your audience in Turkey! Contact us today to discuss your vision for Turkish dubbing services.

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