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Remote and On-Site Interpretation Services for Thai


Communicating with Thai speakers just got a whole lot easier.

Thai and English are nothing alike. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that just as English native speakers struggle to learn Thai, so too do native Thai speakers struggle to learn English. Thailand has an abysmally low English proficiency rate, making it essential to hire a Thai interpreter if you want to communicate effectively with locals in Thailand.

A professional Thai interpreter can help in a wide range of scenarios in which you need to communicate with Thai speakers. If you have a business meeting in Bangkok—don’t worry, our Thai interpreters are here to help. If you’re giving a presentation at a conference in Phuket, our Thai interpreters will seamlessly convert the content into Thai for your audience. If you’re looking to interview locals in Chiang Mai, our Thai interpreter will ensure smooth communication. At, high-quality Thai interpretation services is our mission.

Looking for a quote for Thai interpretation services? Reach out and request a free one today!

Let us introduce you to the Thai language.

Thai is the national language of Thailand, a multilingual Southeast Asian country with more than 60 languages spoken indigenously. Most ethnic minorities in Thailand learn Thai as a second language to communicate with people from other parts of the country. Thai speakers can also be found in the Koh Kong District of neighboring Cambodia, bringing the total number of Thai native speakers to around 36 million, which jumps to 44 million when second-language speakers are included.

Thai comes from the Kra–Dai language family, with Thai accounting for around 60% of all Kra–Dai language speakers. Thai is partially mutually intelligible with Lao but not Khmer, an Austroasiatic language, despite the similar-looking scripts. Thai is a tonal language, which means the tone of a word can change its meaning, and it entirely lacks inflection, with grammatical relationships being determined through particles and word order. Despite the lack of grammatical markings, Thai speakers still tend to omit the subject when it’s obvious from context, making Thai a language that heavily relies on context. This is why Thai interpretation services are so valuable.

Thai interpretation services on site or online? Choose the one that you prefer.

At, our Thai interpretation services are available in person and remotely, so you can determine which one is better for your situation. If you prefer to eliminate the chances of technological problems impeding your smooth communication, on-site interpretation services are more reliable. On the other hand, if you’re looking for convenience, remote Thai interpretation services are ideal, as they’re simple and easy to set up.


Regarding on-site Thai interpretation services, our Thai interpreters can meet you no matter where you are in Thailand. From Bangkok to Phuket to Chiang Mai and elsewhere all over the Southeast Asian country, we can interpret Thai for you at the location of your choice. Actually, you don’t have to be in Thailand—we also have interpreters around the world in international cities ready to help you communicate. And if all else fails, we’ll even send an interpreter on a plane to you (although, naturally, you’ll have to cover their transportation fees).

Many clients prefer remote Thai interpretation services, however, so if that’s more your speed, we’d be happy to oblige. Remote interpretation services are excellent for online business meetings or conferences and interviews, and the setup is simple—just add our interpreter to your call, and they’ll interpret between English and Thai. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are—our Thai interpreters cover time zones all around the globe!

Which is better for you—simultaneous or consecutive Thai interpretation services?

We want to make sure you access the type of Thai interpretation services that works best for your situation. To this end, we offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services. What’s the difference? Simultaneous interpretation means the interpreter interprets while listening to the speaker, relaying the content in real time. Consecutive interpretation means the interpreter waits for each speaker to finish before telling the other parties the information in their language. Simultaneous Thai interpretation services work well for speeches, presentations, or live TV broadcasts, while consecutive Thai interpretation services are ideal for meetings, conferences, interviews, conversations, and more.

Thai interpretation services for all kinds of fields

Many of our clients are industry or subject matter experts who incorporate technical jargon and esoteric language into their speeches and dialogues. To ensure seamless communication with Thai speakers, our clients rely on us to provide interpreters familiar with their respective fields. We deliver every time, thanks to our highly diverse Thai interpretation team with interpreters who have experience in all sorts of domains.


If you want Thai interpretation services, send us a message today to let us know the subject, dialect, and situation!

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