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Spanish Voiceover Services


Want to make the impact of your video, commercial, film, video game, product demo, or presentation even stronger? Get a voiceover—in Spanish! Text-only videos and presentations are still useful, but they lack a certain engagement factor and are less memorable than their counterparts with voiceovers. Similarly, games and films without voiceovers can still be entertaining, but it’s much harder to immerse your viewers or players without a high-quality voiceover. This is especially true for a language as big as Spanish, whose speakers are used to professional-quality voiceovers.

At, we proudly offer Spanish voiceover services to clients all over the world. We’ll help you determine the best voice actors for your purposes, record the lines with professional equipment, and carefully clean up the audio files so that there’s minimal work left on your end. If you haven’t translated your original text into Spanish yet, we can do that for you, too. With us, it’s a full package. Spanish isn’t the only language we work with either. In fact, we can operate in more than 80 languages, so puts the entire world at your fingertips.

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Use Spanish voiceovers to engage the Hispanic world.

With 490 million native speakers, Spanish is the second-biggest native language in the world, surpassing English. In terms of total speakers, it comes in third with about 585 million speakers. This Romance language originated from the Vulgar Latin spoken in Spain and spread to the Americas, most notably Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, although the United States is also one of the biggest Spanish-speaking countries. In total, it’s an official language of a whopping 20 countries.

Español, as native speakers call it, is one of the world’s biggest languages, so a Spanish voiceover can do wonders for your presentation, video, or game. Hispanic people, whether they’re Spanish, Mexican, Chilean, or Costa Rican, are proud of their language and will pay more attention to content with Spanish voiceovers. Of course, we also offer Spanish translation services if you don’t already have a Spanish translation. It’s important to hire professionals to complete your Spanish translation because of the grammatical gender differences, the complex verb tense system, and the politeness distinction.

A Spanish voiceover dramatically enhances your content.

Don’t underestimate the power of professional voiceovers: they make your content look more professional, whether it’s a presentation, product demo, informational video, or game, and significantly increase engagement. Since viewers don’t have to read all the information, you can get more out of your graphics and visual content, which enhances the overall experience for viewers.

English voiceovers are powerful, and if you’re targeting an English-speaking audience, they’re imperative. But don’t alienate foreign viewers! The Hispanic market is particularly lucrative given the massive size, so Spanish voiceovers can do wonders for your video or presentation. With, you can secure a professional Spanish voiceover to wow viewers from Mexico City, Madrid, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and beyond. If you want a particular accent or dialect for your voiceover, just let us know, and we’ll tailor our work to meet your unique goals.

We provide true experts of the voiceover industry.

If you’re going to invest in Spanish voiceovers, you have to go all in. The benefits a Spanish voiceover can grant are immense, but if you go about it halfheartedly, you’ll end up with a poor-quality voiceover that leaves a negative impression on your viewers. A bad voiceover can hurt the immersive experience of your content or irritate viewers, so a bad voiceover is often worse than none at all. That’s not something you have to worry about with us: we hire the best in the voiceover industry to ensure unwavering quality.

We work with voiceover experts from around the world who have earned extensive experience in their field. We have voice actors specializing in technical videos, product demonstrations, video games, lighthearted YouTube videos, and more. We’ve selected voice actors from all over the Spanish-speaking world to ensure as wide a cover as possible, allowing flexibility and customization in Spanish voiceover services. So if you want to build an audience in Spain or Latin America, is the answer.

Reach out today to discuss what a Spanish voiceover could do for your content.

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