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Our Professional Russian Dubbing Services


Russia is the biggest country in the world by land mass. Since much of Russia’s territory consists of Siberia, one of the harshest, most rugged regions on the planet, its population lags behind, with Russia ranking as the ninth-most populous country in the world. But the country’s national language, Russian, has large communities of native speakers even beyond its expansive borders, making Russian the seventh-biggest language in the world. And, since English proficiency in Russia isn’t very high, if you want to tap into this huge potential audience for your movie, TV show, game, online video, or other content, Russian dubbing services can prove extremely valuable.

Here at, we believe in connecting content creators with eager audiences around the world, transcending language barriers. That’s why we’re proud to offer professional Russian dubbing services, allowing you to share your lovingly crafted content—from live-action films to hand-drawn animations to innovative video games—with a huge new audience that would be mostly inaccessible if you stuck with English-only content. Sure, you could also tap into the Russian-speaking market with Russian subtitles—but cold, unfeeling text can never compare to the nuance and emotion that can be conveyed in Russian dubs. That’s how you’ll really engage a Russian-speaking audience.

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Tap into a huge new viewership with professional Russian dubbing.

Russian boasts an impressive 150 million native speakers, which is more than the entire population of Russia, which stands at roughly 144 million. Around 137 million people in Russia speak Russian as their first language, meaning approximately 13 million native Russian speakers live outside the country’s borders. An additional 110 million second-language speakers give the Russian language even more prominence. In addition to Russia, Russian is also spoken natively in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Armenia, and beyond.

As an Indo–European language, Russian is technically related to English, though they’re located on separate branches of that linguistic tree. Russian is by far the largest Slavic language, which is noted for its extremely complex inflectional morphology. Russian nouns are categorized into three genders and expressed through six cases, with case inflections changing depending on a word’s gender. Any adjectives modifying a noun are similarly inflected to reflect the gender and case. Russian verbs take different forms based on the tense and grammatical person, with the past tense even exhibiting different forms depending on the gender of the subject. Like in other Slavic languages, Russian verbs also tend to come in pairs—a perfective (complete) and an imperfective (incomplete or ongoing) form. Given this complexity, if you want high-quality Russian dubs, you’ll need to rely on professionals—like ours.

Work with us to make any project accessible to Russian speakers.

If you want to cater to the massive worldwide audience of Russian speakers, we’d love to help. Our team members have long worked in the Russian dubbing industry, creating high-quality, immersive dubs for everything from feature-length movies and beloved children’s cartoon shows to creative indie video games. As some of the best voice actors in the Russophone world, they’re passionate about giving your characters new Russian voices.

Russian comes in many different forms—that’s inevitable when a language is spoken by so many people over such a huge geographical area, particularly one that spans several different countries. So, while many of our Russian dubbing experts are from Russia itself, we also have scores of Russian voice actors from other former Soviet states and elsewhere with a strong Russian-speaking presence. This way, it’s easy to dub your content into the exact variant of Russian you’re looking for.

For any type of content in any genre, our Russian dubbing team is ready to help you carve out a new audience. If you’d like to get the ball rolling on your Russian dub, just send us a message!

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