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Punjabi Voiceover Services


The most powerful communication tool known to man is the human voice. The spoken word has developed over countless millennia to produce the thousands of intricately complicated languages we speak today, and written language is merely a by-product meant to resemble the original. Thus, it’s no surprise that content with voiceovers tends to perform much better than text-only content. After all, viewers can connect much better with a voice than impersonable text.

So, whether you’re working on a commercial, educational video, presentation, product demo, film, or video game, you can benefit from voiceover services—and can provide them. Punjabi is one among many languages we produce voiceovers in. Our passionate team helps you determine which voice actors are best for your content and then records them with first-class audio equipment, editing the files before submitting them to you. This way, you receive nice, clean, crisp Punjabi voiceover files ready for implementation into your project.

A Punjabi voiceover won’t break the bank—learn more by requesting a free quote today.

Unite viewers across the Punjab region with a Punjabi voiceover.

Punjabi is essentially a split language, spoken by 113 million people across the Punjab region that comprises areas of northwestern India and northeastern Pakistan. When spoken, Punjabis from both countries can understand each other, but in India, the language is written in the Gurmukhi script, which resembles the Devanagari script used for Hindi, while Punjabis in Pakistan use a modified Arabic script called Shahmukhi. Without a voiceover, you would need separate videos to cater to these populations, but with a voiceover, you can capture both. 

Our team would love to produce a Punjabi voiceover for you, but first, you need a Punjabi translation of your script. If you don’t already have one, we can translate your script for you. Punjabi is an Indo–European language, like English, but its two genders and five cases render the language complicated for English speakers. Punjabi translation is best left to the experts, like the Punjabi translators on our team.

Why add a Punjabi voiceover to your content?

In addition to opening up your content to Punjabis in both India and Pakistan, a Punjabi voiceover offers content creators a number of benefits. It encourages deeper immersion into your content, and it helps viewers better remember the message you’re sending. By eliminating the need for subtitles, a voiceover allows viewers to focus on the graphic elements of your content. Altogether, this enhances your professional image.

The Punjab region is big, home to around 140 million people, many of whom speak Punjabi. This makes it a great language to order a voiceover in if you’re targeting an audience in South Asia. A Punjabi voiceover enables you to bypass the issue of the differing scripts between India and Pakistan and unite all Punjabi speakers, from Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Gujranwala to Ludhiana, Faridabad, Amritsar, and Chandigarh. 

Our translators, voice actors, and voiceover experts are unmatched.

Make quality your mission when it comes to your Punjabi voiceover. With a bad voiceover, not only do you miss out on the multitude of benefits that a good voiceover offers but you also risk annoying your viewers and suffering a blow to your brand image. With’s highly experienced voiceover team, you can rest easy knowing your Punjabi voiceover is in good hands.

Whether your project is corporate, educational, or creative, our team wants to produce a voiceover that best complements your hard work. Having worked on all sorts of projects across many subject areas, our voice actors, translators, and voiceover experts have developed a sense of what works best for each project. So, to break into the Punjab region, just trust the team.

Message us now to discuss what you’d like for your Punjabi voiceover.

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