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Malayalam to English Translation Services


Malayalam, spoken primarily in Kerala, one of India’s most developed states, is the native language of more than 35 million people—hardly a small number. But English is the native language of more than 350 million people, with around 1.35 billion speakers in total. So, if you want to spread your message around the world—whether it’s to promote your business, disseminate your academic findings, share your literary or creative works, or anything else—English is your best tool.

Here at, we specialize in translation services between English and languages from all over the world, including Malayalam. Our Malayalam translation team is staffed with translation experts from all domains, allowing them to easily handle even esoteric subject matter. Simply put, if you have a document in Malayalam that you want translated into English, we’re your team.

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Challenges in Malayalam-to-English translation


Malayalam and English are nothing alike. This can complicate the translation process, as there may not always be a good equivalent to a Malayalam term in English. Malayalam, which is one of India’s 22 scheduled languages, giving it considerable prestige, is part of the Dravidian language family, situated primarily in southern India. Thus, it’s not related to Hindi, which, as an Indo-European language, is related to English instead.

One key difference between Malayalam and English is the writing system—Malayalam is written in its own script, called the Malayalam script. Malayalam consonant and vowel characters are combined to create syllabic glyphs, with a total of 578 possible combinations. In terms of grammar, Malayalam features seven noun cases, and the pronoun system is complex. Malayalam has different versions of “we” to distinguish whether the listener is included, three levels of formality in the second-person pronouns, and third-person pronouns that indicate how close to the speaker the referent is. This can make Malayalam difficult to render accurately into English, but our Malayalam translators are trained professionals with expertise in various translation domains.

What can we translate from Malayalam to English for you?

Our Malayalam translation team is flexible, and with translation experts specializing in different types of translation, we can translate a range of diverse documents. If you run a business in Kerala that you want to expand to the international market, allow our business translators to convert your Malayalam-language business documents and promotional materials into flowing English. If you’re an academic at a prestigious Kerala university looking to publish your article in an international journal, we’ll match you with a Malayalam translator specialized in your discipline to translate your article accurately into English. If you’re a content creator—an author, a poet, a blogger, or a game developer, for example—our translators can help you take your Malayalam manuscript or script and translate it for an international audience, helping you spread your story around the world and boost your creative career.

We’re dedicated to high-quality Malayalam-to-English translation services, regardless of the subject matter or type of document. Reach out today to discuss your Malayalam translation needs with our team!

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