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Kyrgyz to English Translation Services


Today, more than a fifth of the world’s population speaks English. This means translating your materials into English could make them accessible to more than two billion people spread across every continent. With that in mind, accurate translation requires a reliable team with experience and in-depth understanding of the Kyrgyz to English translation process. With, feel comfortable knowing you’ll get just that. Our team will make sure your materials are ready for readers worldwide as well as specific localized audiences. We’ll accommodate your specifications and meet your project’s needs.


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Although some other agencies do offer Kyrgyz to English translation services, many are unprepared for the difficulties of the task. Many providers translate into English via Russian instead of working directly with the source material. Of course, our translators always work directly with Kyrgyz-language materials, and we can work with content written in Cyrillic as well as texts that use the Arabic or Latin scripts. On top of that, we’ll make sure the English translation is in step with the norms and style of the material.



Materials We Translate from Kyrgyz to English


  • Businesses documents. For companies or businesses seeking to expand to an international customer base, English-language materials are essential. Our translation team provides support for product catalogs and descriptions, brochures, customer reviews, marketing materials, and more.


  • Literary and cultural works. Kyrgyz has an extensive tradition of oral and written literature, including the world-famous Epic of Manas. Our team always translates from the original when working with poetry, plays, fables, folklore, novels, and more.


We help clients from around the world, whether based in Bishkek, Osh, Jalal-Abad, or elsewhere. Our team can support translation projects including a wide range of content and material. When you choose, know you can rely on our dedication and the quality of our work.


To find out more about our services and how we can support you, message us today for a quote.

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