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Take Advantage of Our High-Quality Korean Dubbing Services


South Korea has recently taken the world by storm with its media exports, with K-pop bands and K-dramas capturing the hearts of fans in other East Asian countries and Western countries alike. The “Korean Wave” has given prominence to the Korean language, the native language of nearly everyone in the Korean Peninsula, where English proficiency remains staggeringly low. Despite South Korea’s impressive media output, the Korean people voraciously consume foreign media as well—as long as it’s translated into Korean. So, if you have a movie, TV show, game, or other media you’d like to market in South Korea, you’ll need a skilled Korean dubbing team.

Our mission here at is to break down the language barriers separating content creators and eager audiences. We’d love to help you make a splash in the vibrant land of South Korea with your film, TV series, cartoon, indie game, or whatever else you’ve created, but subtitles just aren’t enough. Subtitles’ cold, hard text fails to capture the nuance and emotion that makes cinematic experiences so engaging and immersive. That’s where dubs come in—with dubs, you can offer your Korean-speaking fans the same level of immersion as in the original English version, and they’ll reward you with increased loyalty.

Discover our rates for Korean dubbing services today—request a free quote!

Carve out an audience in Korea with the help of our professional Korean dubbing team.

With more than 80 million native speakers, Korean ranks as one of the biggest languages in the world. Of course, around 25 million of these people live in North Korea and are effectively inaccessible as an audience for your creative projects—but that still leaves roughly 55 million native Korean speakers ready to lap up your movie, drama, game, or other media. In addition to North and South Korea, native Korean speakers can also be found in parts of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Japan, the US, Canada, and beyond, with the Korean diaspora stretching around the world.

Korean is a unique language, one of only two languages in the Koreanic language

family. The only other language is Jeju, often politically classified as a Korean dialect but linguistically considered a separate language. Korean grammar and pronunciation alike are complicated for English speakers, with Korean featuring several vowels not found in English and making distinctions between consonants that an untrained native English-speaking ear can’t detect. Grammatically, Korean places the verb at the end of a sentence and uses nominal suffixes to denote the grammatical relationship between nouns. The language also features an array of honorifics and politeness registers that can prove extremely difficult for learners to master. These qualities just make it all the more important to hire bona fide professionals for your Korean dubs.

We’re ready to dub your project into Korean—no matter what it is.

Do you want to market your fast-paced, full-length action flick to a Korean-speaking audience? Maybe you’re gearing up for a release of your dramatic soap opera in South Korea, or perhaps you want to expand the reach of your fantasy adventure game by catering to Korean speakers. Whatever your project is, our team of experienced and passionate Korean voice actors can help you impress a Korean-speaking audience and win over new fans.

We also cover different Korean dialects, including Central, Gyeongsang (Southeast), Jeolla (Southwest), and even Jeju. Our team features Korean voice actors not only from every corner of South Korea but also the areas of China, Russia, the US, and beyond that house a Korean-speaking community. Naturally, we don’t have any voice actors living in North Korea, but, if you’re interested in North Korean dubs, we do have North Korean defectors who would be happy to offer their voice-acting skills to enhance your project. So, for any project and any Korean dialect, we’re your team.

Let us help you grow your Korean-speaking fanbase! It all starts here—just send a message to our team.

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