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Kapampangan to English Translation Services


With English as the international language of commerce and communication, providing an English version of your content can prove invaluable in expanding your readership. But when you’re reaching out to more than two billion people around the world, you need to make sure your translations are flawless. This is where our team of qualified and experienced translators comes in.


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We understand and recognize that many Kapampangan speakers also use English to varying degrees. However, quality translation involves much more than just transposing the literal translations of words. Effective translation also takes into account the context of the material itself, who wrote it, and who will read it. English has more non-native speakers than native speakers, so creating translated material for global audiences takes experience and deep understanding. This is exactly how can come through for your project, tailoring your English translations for the specific audiences you want to reach and ensuring the final product falls in line with the norms and expectations of your industry.



Materials We Translate from Kapampangan to English


  • Literary works. Let us help you bring the literature of one of the Philippines’ eight major languages to the global stage. Translating creative works is a challenge, but our translation team has what it takes. We work with authors and publishers to translate poems, plays, short stories, novels, and more.


  • Tourism collateral. As the Philippines continues to grow as a hotspot for travelers and tourists, good communication can make or break a company. Our team supports hotels, travel agencies, excursion groups, and tourism industry professionals with high-quality translation.


Our experienced team provides Kapampangan to English translation services for clients worldwide, whether based in San Fernando, Tarlac City, or Balanga. We can help prepare your content for a global audience.


For a free quote or to learn how we can support your project, message us now.

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