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Japanese Voiceover Services


An important way to improve your creation—whether it’s a presentation, product demonstration, commercial, cartoon, video game, or online video—is through a professional voiceover. Text is a good medium, but it isn’t as powerful as speech, which humans have evolved to respond to. This reality renders content with high-quality voiceovers more engaging and immersive, even strengthening memory retention. In short, your viewers will have a more positive experience if they can listen to a quality voiceover rather than read subtitles.

If you’re looking for top-quality Japanese voiceovers, you can find them at We’ve put together a rigorous team of voiceover experts who are knowledgeable in the whole voiceover process, from casting the right voice actors for the parts, to carefully recording each line to best complement the content, to meticulously editing the recorded files for a nice, clean final delivery. We can produce high-quality Japanese voiceovers that help your content succeed and gain footing in Japan—we’re your go-to voiceover team.

Reach out to us today if you’d like a free quote for our Japanese voiceover services.

Become a hit in Japan with Japanese voiceover services.

Japanese is a prominent East Asian language spoken across Japan. With around 128 million speakers, Japanese is the official language of Japan and a co-official language in the small Pacific Island nation of Palau. It’s a unique language unlike most others, occupying its own language family called the Japonic language family. It’s possibly the only language that uses three different writing systems in concert, mixing them together in a single sentence. The language’s prominence and unique features inspire a sense of pride in Japanese people toward nihongo (日本語), as they call their language.

At, we aren’t limited to voiceovers. If you don’t yet have a Japanese translation of your content, we can help you with that, too. We’re experts in translating Japanese; and indeed, you have to be an expert, considering the vast differences between Japanese and English. For example, Japanese tends to omit anything that’s obvious from context, and it uses a complicated system of honorifics and speech registers that depend on the age, status, and relationship of the speaker and listener. There are even dozens of first- and second-person pronouns with widely different nuances!

A Japanese voiceover can take your content further.

If you want to elevate your company or brand’s image, adding a professional voiceover to your content is a good way to do it. A voiceover shows your willingness to invest in quality, not to mention the comfort and convenience of your viewers. And it even helps highlight the visual parts of your content! Viewers will more easily soak in the graphics while listening to the voiceover, since they won’t be distracted by subtitles.

Most of the world—and that certainly includes Japan—doesn’t speak English, so it doesn’t make sense to limit yourself to an English voiceover. Subtitles may work in a pinch, but they simply aren’t comparable to the power of a professional Japanese voiceover. So if you want to engage viewers from the snow-covered streets of Sapporo, to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, to the heat and humidity of Naha, hiring our Japanese voiceover experts is your wisest option. And don’t forget that we can translate your content as well!

Our voiceover team are topmost professionals.

When it comes to voiceovers, quality really matters, and nowhere is that truer than in Japan. Famous for its anime, Japan has a booming voice acting industry—to the extent that particular voice actors have comparable fame and popularity to conventional actors. Voice acting is a respected industry and one that many young people aspire to. So quality really matters, and a poor-quality voiceover will often be even worse than none at all.

We know Japanese viewers are used to the utmost quality in their voiceovers, which is why we’ve worked hard to put together the best Japanese voiceover team possible. We have experienced voice actors who have worked in popular animes and video games, educational videos and documentaries, and company presentations. We know precisely how to translate content into natural-sounding Japanese and deliver high-quality voiceovers that will wow your Japanese audience.

Ready to get started with your first Japanese voiceover? Message us now to discuss the specifics.

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