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Indonesian Voiceover Services


What’s the best way to speak to your audience? Literally speaking to them, of course! While text can take you far, it’s just not the same as speech, which resonates with people on a different level. This is why the best, most successful movies, commercials, online videos, product demonstrations, presentations, video games, and other similar content use professional voiceovers. It helps immerse people in their worlds and allows them to better pick up and retain the information in the messages.

If you’re looking to target an audience in Indonesia, you should consider Indonesian voiceover services. Fortunately, Indonesian is one of the many languages we work with at When you order our voiceover services, you receive a full, well-rounded voiceover package: we help you choose the right voice actors to give your content an extra punch, we direct the actors to record the lines with top-of-the-line equipment, and we work through the resulting audio files to clean them up. In other words, you get it all with us—we’re your one-stop shop for professional Indonesian voiceovers.

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Make a splash in Indonesia with a professional voiceover.

Indonesian is no small language. Spoken across the many islands of Indonesia, the world’s fourth-largest country by population, Indonesian has around 200 million speakers. It’s the lingua franca of the Indonesian archipelago, where more than 700 languages are spoken. Locals call it bahasa Indonesia—literally “Indonesian language”—and they’re proud of their Austronesian tongue, which is also spoken as a minority language in East Timor.

You can’t get an Indonesian voiceover for your content if you haven’t translated your script into Indonesian yet. If you want, we can help you with that, providing both the translation and the voiceover. We encourage you to have your content translated by seasoned professionals like ours because Indonesian is a complicated language that can present challenges in the translation process. For example, the word order can vary significantly, but without case markings, ambiguity is common. Indonesian doesn’t mark number either, and it differentiates between polite and informal registers in its pronouns.

A voiceover can work wonders for your content.

What are the main benefits of a voiceover? Besides encouraging a deeper level of immersion and enjoyment, a voiceover also transmits information more quickly and conveniently than text. Since our brains have evolved for spoken language, information delivered via speech is easier to remember. A voiceover can also complement the visual aspects of your video or presentation well because viewers can easily concentrate on the pictures while listening to the voiceover. With subtitles, their visual attention is divided.

We’re big proponents of English voiceovers—after all, it’s the most widely spoken language in the world—but still, most people don’t speak English. And that’s certainly true in Indonesia. So if you want your content to succeed in Indonesia, your best bet is a professional Indonesian voiceover. We can do that, helping connect you with eager viewers everywhere from Jakarta to Palembang to Makassar to Jayapura. And we can translate your content to Indonesian first, too, if you want.

Work with top-level voiceover professionals.

All our praise of voiceovers comes with one very important caveat: it must be high-quality. If you forgo quality and pump out a cheap, sloppy voiceover, you may actually push more viewers away than with just subtitles. That’s because a low-quality voiceover will irritate viewers, affect their enjoyment of your content, and give them a negative impression of you, your brand, and your commitment to quality. So if you want to wow your Indonesian viewers, you have to properly invest in Indonesian voiceovers. We can help you with that.

To make sure you get the highest-quality voiceovers possible, we’ve searched far and wide for the best talent in the industry. This means top voice actors who’ve done presentations for leading corporations, informative documentaries for prestigious filmmakers, and immersive video games from cutting-edge developers. Our voiceover experts know how to speak to the world—particularly Indonesia. Let us help you broaden your audience in Indonesia.

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