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Our Professional German Dubbing Team


Good art deserves to be shared with the world. The problem is that cinematic artworks, such as TV shows, movies, documentaries, online videos, and video games, are usually rich in language, and there are more than 7000 languages spoken around the world. Even English, which is often touted as the universal lingua franca, is only spoken by around 1.35 billion people. So, if you don’t make your work accessible to speakers of other languages—like German—you’re really missing out.

At, we’re passionate about bringing great dramas, movies, videos, games, and more to audiences around the world. We love helping content creators spread their lovingly crafted works to the maximum number of viewers. That’s why we’ve put together a professional German dubbing team, composed of the top experts in the German dubbing industry. While English proficiency in Germany is relatively high, the German dubbing industry is booming, and Germans expect to be able to watch series, movies, and more in their native language, enjoying a maximally immersive experience—and we’re here to help creators provide that.

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Capture the hearts of a German-speaking audience.

German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union, boasting 95 million native speakers across Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and much of Switzerland. German’s prestige has also resulted in an additional 85 million or so second-language speakers. Movies, documentaries, TV shows, and video games in Germany tend to be dubbed into the language, so Germans have come to expect this extra level of immersion, and even if they can speak English, most prefer consuming content in their native language.

German, hailing from the Germanic branch of the Indo–European language family, is closely related to English—in fact, Shakespearean English contained many structural features that modern-day German still retains. German is grammatically complicated, with three genders (masculine, feminine, and neuter) and four cases (nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive). Case is marked almost exclusively on articles and adjectives, usually not on the noun itself, which is unusual for a language with cases. Verbs change form depending on the person they’re used with, but unlike in Spanish, the subject usually cannot be omitted. It takes special care to create a high-quality German dub, but our German dubbing team consists of precisely the right experts for the job.

What kind of content do you want German dubs for?

Our team consists of top German dubbing experts who have experience providing top-class voice acting for all kinds of TV series, movies, video games, documentaries, and videos. It doesn’t matter what genre your work is, because whether it’s action, horror, romance, fantasy, or anything else, we have German dubbing experts who specialize in your genre. We cover different types of German—the Standard German spoken in Germany, Swiss German, and Austrian German—and we’re experienced in the expansive German dubbing industry. So let us help you give your German-speaking audience a more immersive experience.

Now’s the time to get German dubbing services. Message us now to get the discussion started!

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