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Omaha, Nebraska, Professional Translation Services

Are you ready to take that multi-national leap with your content?

Expanding your horizons from English-only communications to a global scale can be a little daunting. Helping you through that process is what does. We are a leading online translation service, working with a broad range of
businesspeople, students and teachers, and writers in places like Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and the Capitol District.

You may be ready right now to expand your market beyond the English-speaking world. If so, our professional translation services can help you make that jump to international markets. All our translations are performed by real people with real skills.

We know that there are all types of automated software programs on the market, but none can assure you that what you get back is completely accurate or that attention has been paid to particular language details. Our team brings you the skills, experience, and world knowledge to translate into and out of 100-plus languages, such as
Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and many more.

Whatever your translation project needs, we’ll make sure it’s accurate while always ensuring a consistent tone and style.

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How do we know our translation services are right for you?

With our broad range of services, we’re here to provide the best translations in the Gateway to the West. The clients we serve come from many backgrounds in many settings. Consider the following, for example:


  • Graduate students who need articles, papers, or dissertations translated into or from English. Our academic translators assist students—and professors—on campuses like the University of Nebraska–Omaha or Creighton University do their best work. And whether your field is in earth science, world history, or international economics, we’ll make sure that the translator you work with has a solid knowledge of your area of study.


  • Business professionals who need documents translated into or from English to another language. All across the Big O, our business translation services help clients break into international markets and see growth in profits.


  • Creative writers seeking new markets for their work. If you need a novel, online book, or screenplay translated, our literary translation team provides the expertise to help writers across all styles and genres.


  • Healthcare professionals who need translation of medical documents. We work with a partner firm that has the specialized skills to translate medical documents in almost any healthcare field—internal medicine, medical genetics, neurology, and more—into or from English.


  • Legal professionals in need of someone who understands legal terminology. As with medicine, because of the technical nature of this field, we partner with a certified legal translation company to translate language pairs, like English to Russian or Hindi to English. We go the extra mile to ensure your files’ confidentiality is preserved throughout the process.


  • Many others who need certified translation services for immigration or other purposes. For example, marriage certificates, death certificates, driver’s licenses, or other such documents often need to be translated. We’ll do it with the highest level of accuracy, quality, and confidentiality.


  • And anyone with a personal or business website who wants to expand their reach. With our website translation services, you’ll receive the same excellent care as with all our other translation services.

Let us help you take that first step.

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We’ve worked hard to be who we are: an exceptional translation service.

Creating translations is a specialized skill that relies on experienced practitioners. Our translators have the skills for this, as well as a broad range of knowledge and experience. With this amazing team in place, we set the standards for translation services, whether you need translation in order to reach international audiences or multi-lingual speakers in the States.

In Omaha, Nebraska, and its more than 450,000 people, we serve
students and researchers, corporate employees, writers, website administrators, and many more. We exceed their translation needs, from basic to very complex technical content.


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How about a free sample of our services?

If you are not quite ready to make a commitment, no worries. We know that we can best serve your transcription and translation needs, so we offer a free sample of our work.

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