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Farsi to English Translation Services


Farsi, also called Parsi or Persian, is the language of the majority of the population of Iran. It is also used by a considerable number of people in Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. Though use of the language is widespread, Farsi businesses are limited to targeting approximately 110 million speakers. The business potential is so much bigger when targeting the roughly 1.5 billion people around the world who speak English.


Does your company need Farsi to English translation to reach more international clients? Request a translation quote now. offers high-quality Farsi to English translation services at competitive rates and within quick turnaround times. We have excellent translators who are native Farsi and English speakers, so they can proficiently translate Farsi to English and develop accurate document translations.


Who needs Farsi to English translation?


Companies with plans to go global have an easier time establishing their businesses overseas with the help of Farsi to English translation. The translated documents a Farsi company needs to set up business in an English market include the following:



  • Companies use business and marketing documents such as business plans, marketing plans, financial documents, company portfolios, product catalogs, video scripts, newsletters, press releases, and flyers to find business partners and potential clients. also offers website content translation, which is an effective method for attracting clients worldwide.


  • We translate technical documents such as operations manuals, user guides, installation guides, and workers’ manuals. These types of documents often require translators with professional competence in the given field, whether that be engineering, medicine, IT, robotics, or aeronautics. We have the right experience for those jobs. offers Farsi to English academic translation services, too. Professors, graduate students, and researchers can have their books, presentation materials, journal articles, research papers, and other publications translated into English to share with the broader academic community.


If you need Farsi to English translation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime. Our services are available worldwide, whether you live in Isfahan, Karaj, Tabriz, Tehran, Mashhad, or elsewhere.


Contact us to get a free translation quote.

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