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English to Sinhala Translation Services


Sinhala is one of the official languages of Sri Lanka, spoken by the more than 20 million people who make up the Sinhalese majority ethnic group. offers English to Sinhala translation services for businesses, authors, academics, and more. Whether you’re in Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore, Colombo, Mount Lavinia, or anywhere else in the world, we look forward to providing you with exceptional translation.


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Who needs English to Sinhala translation?


  • Businesses seeking to expand successfully to Sri Lanka require documents such as bylaws, product guides, and product labels translated from English to Sinhala. Authors may likewise wish to translate their books into Sinhala to reach a wider reading audience.



  • Travelers and tourists visiting Sri Lanka may require their travel or medical documents translated from English to Sinhala. These kinds of translations require experience and familiarity with medical and legal terminology, which is why we have partnered with medical and legal translation agencies, respectively, whose reliable translators can be counted on for accurate, professional, fast translation.


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Why choose


  • We serve clients all over the world, with expert translators who are familiar with material from a variety of industries and academic fields.


  • Our rates for English to Sinhala translation are competitive, and our translators are fast and reliable. Businesses and academic clients often require fast turnarounds, which we can accommodate.


  • Our translators are familiar with the various regional Sinhalese dialects, meaning we will tailor your translation to the dialect of your target audience. Whether for marketing materials or user guides, you can count on our translators to help grow your business.

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