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English to Moldovan Translation Services


There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the term “Moldovan language.” The official language of Moldova is Romanian, while Moldovan is the variety spoken in the breakaway state of Transnistria, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet. The small country between Moldova and Ukraine has had continuous trade with neighboring Moldova and the EU for years now. Tariffs between Transnistria and Moldova were eliminated in 2016, prompting many businesses to register and pay taxes in Moldova. As the liminal state continues to trade with more and more European states, its economic profile has only increased.

The state of Transnistria has half a million Moldovan language speakers, while many more Romanian speakers are located in Moldova and in nearby areas in Romania and Ukraine. To market to them, get a quote for English to Moldovan translation services. can help you with the translation of your business, marketing, legal, and technical documents to Moldovan. We have native Moldovan-speaking translators ready to provide accurate document translation on quick turnarounds. The following are some of the documents we translate:


  • Business and marketing documents, including business plans, market research reports, company portfolios, product catalogs, posters, sales video scripts, and press releases. For businesses with existing websites, we can translate your website content to Moldovan to further reach Moldovan-speaking web users not just from Moldova but from Romania, Ukraine, and around the world.


  • Legal documents, including articles of incorporation, business permits, terms of service, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, insurance policies, and rental contracts, with the help of our legal translation partner agency. We also offer certified translation of documents for travel and immigration purposes, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, diplomas, and professional licenses.


  • Technical documents, including user manuals, pharmaceutical product leaflets, installation guides, software manuals, and other information. Most often, these types of complex documents are translated by Moldovan language experts with the corresponding expertise, such as engineers and software programmers.


  • Academic documents, including conference papers, journal articles, research papers, and textbooks that professors, graduate students, and researchers want to share with a Moldovan audience.


Our English to Moldovan translation services are available at competitive rates worldwide. Whether you live in San Francisco, Chicago, Bucharest, Chișinău, Kiev, or elsewhere, we’ll be glad to translate for you.


Request your free translation quote.

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