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Bringing You the Best in On-Site and Remote Croatian Interpretation Services


Would you like high-quality, reliable Croatian interpretation services?

It’s not hard to guess where Croatian is spoken—Croatia, of course! But actually, Croatian isn’t quite that simple. It’s also spoken in various places outside Croatia, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania. And that’s just Croatian, which is one of four varieties of the pluricentric Serbo-Croatian language. That means Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin are all the same language linguistically speaking, just with four different standardized forms. Amidst all this linguistic curiosity in Croatia, English proficiency is relatively high—but many Croats still don’t speak English, and most prefer their native tongue.

If you want to make sure your message is transmitted accurately and reliably to a maximum number of Croatian speakers, hiring a professional Croatian interpreter is the way to go. Here at, we have a team of passionate Croatian interpreters from across the southeastern European nation, as well as elsewhere in the Balkans, which gives us wide geographical coverage of the Croatian-speaking world. Indeed, we’re your one-stop shop for Croatian interpretation services.

Why not request a quote for our Croatian interpretation services? Quotes are always free.

Let’s take a deeper look at Croatian.

Croatian is estimated to have 7 million native speakers, accounting for a large chunk of Serbo-Croatian’s 19 million total native speakers. An additional 7 million or so people speak Croatian as a second language, pushing the total to 14 million. But only about 4 million people live in Croatia—many Croatian speakers are Croats spread across a worldwide diaspora in countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, the US, Germany, Chile, Argentina, and beyond.

Croatian is classified as a South Slavic language, placing it in the same group as Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Slovene. It displays the typical hallmarks of a Slavic language, with the rampant inflection scaring off many potential learners. Indeed, Croatian features three genders and seven cases, and nouns and adjectives alike are inflected for both. Croatian verbs are similarly marked not only for person but also for seven tenses and three moods, with the quintessential Slavic distinction between perfective and imperfective verbs playing a huge role in the language’s grammar. In other words, hiring a Croatian interpreter will save you a lot of headaches.

We can bring our Croatian interpretation services to you from anywhere.

There are two ways we can provide our Croatian interpretation services: in person or online. We’re happy to offer both, so the question is, which do you prefer?

Would you like to work with our Croatian interpretation experts in person? If you’re anywhere in Croatia—or in a lot of other Balkan countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, or Montenegro—this will be easy. We also have interpreters in other countries (like the US, Germany, and Canada), so we can accommodate clients from all over the place. And even if we don’t have a Croatian interpreter in your area, we can send someone out to you (if you’re willing to pay extra, of course).

Would you prefer to receive Croatian interpretation services over the internet? This is a nice, convenient option for those outside the Croatian-speaking world. It’s simple—just invite our Croatian interpreter to your conference call (via an online telecommunications app or the conventional telephone), and they’ll be able to interpret between Croatian and English from anywhere in the world!

What’s the difference between simultaneous and consecutive Croatian interpretation?

We have two types of Croatian interpreters: those who specialize in simultaneous interpretation and those trained in consecutive interpretation. Here’s the difference.

In simultaneous interpretation services, the original speaker and the interpreter are talking at the same time, with the interpreter lagging behind by a few seconds. They translate the content immediately as they hear it, and the translated audio is delivered to the audience via headphones or a voiceover on a live TV broadcast. For unidirectional communication, such as presentations or speeches, or for large conferences, simultaneous interpretation is appropriate.

In consecutive interpretation services, speakers say only a few sentences at a time and wait for the interpreter to translate the material for the other party. This takes longer and can hurt the flow of the conversation, but it’s far more dynamic and makes for a more accurate translation. We recommend consecutive Croatian interpretation for those involved in small group conversations, such as business meetings, small conferences, or interviews.

We cover all content with our Croatian interpretation services—including technical content.

What’s the subject matter of your presentation, conference, or interview? If it touches on a technical subject, you’ll need an expert in your field to provide accurate Croatian interpretation services. Luckily, our team is filled with people who are experts not only in interpretation but also in a wide array of other disciplines. Simply tell us what field you’re working in, and we’ll find the right Croatian interpreter for your content.

If you need Croatian interpretation services, we’re here to provide them—no matter where you are or what your content is. If you’re ready to break down the communication barrier between Croatian and English speakers, send us a message!

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