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Our Translation Team for Costa Rica


Translation services that Costa Ricans can rely on

Costa Rica is a stunningly beautiful country. There’s evidence of this all around the Central American nation, from Arenal Volcano and Braulio Carrillo National Park to Parque Nacional Cahuita and Parque Nacional Corcovado. Costa Rica also boasts a population of highly ambitious and hard-working students, business professionals, and creative content producers. We at are proud to provide the highest-quality translation services we can to the good people of Costa Rica.

Naturally, we provide translation services for Spanish, the dominant language of Costa Rica. But we also work with other languages around the world, so you can rely on us whether you need translation services to or from Italian, Russian, Swahili, Tamil, or any other language. We even translate indigenous languages of Costa Rica, including Ngäbere (Guaymí), Kuna, Buglere, and Bribri. Truly, you won’t find a more flexible translation agency.

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Who in Costa Rica can take advantage of our translation expertise?

Costa Rica has a population of more than five million, according to 2023 estimates, which means millions of Costa Ricans can take advantage of our translation expertise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in academia, business, literature, medicine, law, or another field, or whether you live in San José, Alajuela, Desamparados, San Carlos, Cartago, Pococí, or anywhere else in Costa Rica. Our translators are here for you, period.

·        As a prominent and well-developed country in Central America, Costa Rica is home to numerous renowned universities, including the University of Costa Rica, the National University of Costa Rica, the National Technical University, and the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. At these schools, tens of thousands of bright Costa Ricans push forward in academic fields from biology to history. Our academic translators are here to help them present their findings to the wider world, regardless of the domain.

·        Do you operate a business in Costa Rica, or would you like to set up a new branch of your multinational company in Costa Rica? Our business translators can assist business leaders on either side of the equation. Since we specialize in a variety of domains, you can rest assured that any technical vocabulary in your internal reports or customer-facing promotional materials are handled with professionalism.

·        Our literary translators are here to help Costa Ricans tell their stories. Whether you’re a novelist, poet, or other type of writer—or if you create other types of media, like movies, online videos, or games—our passionate literary translators know exactly how to translate your material into other languages in a way that keeps your unique voice and style intact. Whether you want translation from Spanish to another language to capture the international market or translation into Spanish to cater to Costa Ricans, we can help.

·        Accuracy is crucial in medical translation, whether you’re working in internal medicine, ophthalmology, or anesthesiology. It can be a matter of life or death, but esoteric medical vocabulary prevents general translators from effectively translating medical texts. That’s why we partnered with a leading provider of medical translation services. They work with all sorts of languages and medical niches, providing accurate and confidential translations. Costa Rican medical professionals should feel free to reach out.

·        Like in other jurisdictions, the legal system in Costa Rica is complicated. Banking law? Tort law? Human rights law? No matter the specialty, the language is dense and complex, necessitating the expertise of a legal translator. To bring Costa Rican lawyers the best legal translation services we could, we struck up a partnership with a top legal translation services provider.

·        Certified translation services are necessary in a variety of aspects of life, including when you’re immigrating to or emigrating from Costa Rica. We have a team of accredited translators who provide certified translation services for everything from professional certifications to adoption records, for just about any language you can think of.

·        Localization is growing ever more important in our increasingly digital world, and Costa Ricans certainly aren’t excluded from this trend. Countless innovative Costa Ricans are developing websites, games, apps, software, and more that could make a splash globally if only they were translated. That’s what our localization team does! Of course, we also help developers from abroad translate their creations into Spanish for a Costa Rican audience.

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Trusting our translators for top-notch expertise

What makes us such an unbeatable translation company? Simple—our unbeatable translation team! Our team members come from all over the world (including Costa Rica!), bringing their intimate knowledge of their diverse native languages and their vast expertise in a wide range of technical fields. This is how we’re able to provide such a wide scope of translation services for people all over Costa Rica.

We’re here for all five million plus residents of Costa Rica, from the students and professors to the business leaders and entrepreneurs, from the novelists and game developers to the medical personnel and legal practitioners. Whether you want to translate to or from Spanish or another language of Costa Rica or the world, our team provides accurate, high-quality, fast, and flexible translation services at affordable rates.

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Costa Ricans are entitled to a free translation sample.

That’s right—you can check out a free sample before you dive into a paid order! Our free samples are simple—all you do is send us the material you want to have translated, and we send back a brief sample of our work. You’re never obligated to go further. We’re just confident you’ll want to after you see our skills.

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