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Our Translation Services in Bahrain

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Let us open your project up to entirely new audiences.

Bahrain may be a small island nation, but it has a big personality. Whether you’re interested in the camels at Royal Camel Farm, the abundant shopping opportunities at City Centre Bahrain, or the wonder of the Tree of Life, Bahrain offers something for everyone, and its ambitious and hard-working people are pushing the limits in academia, business, literature, and more. At, we’re proud to aid the people of Bahrain with their translation needs, regardless of the language or subject matter of your project.

Can machines translate as well as human translators? No, absolutely not—automated translation isn’t too bad in a pinch, but if you’re looking for true quality, you can’t forgo the human touch. But humans will never be as fast as computer programs, which is why we like to run a document through translation software and then have our human translators carefully edit the output. Whether you opt for this hybrid model or a 100% human-generated model is up to you.

Our translation services cover Arabic, Balochi, Persian, Urdu, Nepali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, and hundreds of other languages, and we work with projects in all domains—so no matter what you need, we’re here for you.

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Who in Bahrain can take advantage of our translation services?

We work hard to provide the diverse population of Bahrain with high-quality translation services. We achieve this by working with hundreds of languages, including Arabic, the numerous immigrant languages commonly spoken in Bahrain, and other languages found around the world. Whether you’re based in Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, Hamad

Town, A’ali, or anywhere else in Bahrain, we’re here for you.

  • Despite its small size, Bahrain boasts an impressive collection of highly ranked universities, including the University of Bahrain, Bahrain Polytechnic, and Arabian Gulf University. Scholars of various fields gather at these universities, but without specialized academic translation services, the wider world won’t know of their discoveries. Since our academic translators are trained in a variety of disciplines, we can help you translate thesis, academic papers, and more in any field you may be active in.

  • Bahrain’s fast-growing economy is among the freest in the world, according to the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom. As Bahraini businesses expand outside the island nation, international corporations are looking to move in, and both sides require reliable translation services for their internal documents and public-facing marketing collateral. With various business translation specialists in numerous languages, we can help companies in any industry expand their operations.

  • Bahrain’s literary and entertainment scene is booming, with Bahrainis pumping out quality novels, poems, movies, TV series, video games, and more. To maximize the potential of your creative work, it’s important to translate it into other languages, and we can help Bahraini creatives cater to different audiences (or foreign creators cater to an Arabic-speaking Bahraini audience!).

  • Those who work hard in Bahrain’s medical sector know that different healthcare niches—whether it’s immunology, pathology, or anesthesiology—are full of esoteric terms that laypeople can’t understand. If you’re looking for reliable medical translation services in Bahrain, don’t despair—our medical translation partner firm is here to serve you with medical translation specialists in various subfields.

  • Do you practice the law in Bahrain? As in jurisdictions all over the world, law in Bahrain is complicated, whether you work in corporate law, health law, copyright law, or another area. But don’t worry—the expert legal translators at our partner firm are trained in different niches of the law and can provide precise and confidential translation services for lawyers all across Bahrain.

  • More than half of the Bahraini population are non-nationals, with the Middle Eastern country’s prosperity and economic development drawing in immigrants from across the Middle East and South Asia. If you require certified translation for your birth certificate, marriage certificate, corporate documents, or other official paperwork, we’d be happy to provide that.

  • As Bahrain continues to develop, digital media plays an increasingly important role in Bahraini society. Our localization team is here to help Bahrainis and foreign nationals alike translate their websites, apps, software programs, games, and more to and from hundreds of languages, widening the digital world even further.

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A translation team that spans the world

We want to bring you the best translation services we can, which is why we’ve gathered the best translators in the world. Our translators have passed rigorous tests that affirm not only their unparalleled translation skills but also their knowledge in various supplementary fields, which means we can help experts in a range of technical domains—regardless of the language.

Bahrain has a population of about 1.4 million people, and our mission here at is to provide high-quality translation services to as many of them as possible. This includes researchers, entrepreneurs, authors, doctors, lawyers, and countless others—if you’re in Bahrain and you need translation services, contact us for flexible, affordable, reliable translation.

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A free taste of our translation talent.

You want the best for your project—we understand. We want you to be confident in our skills when you place a translation order. That’s why we offer free samples—so you can know that you’re placing your project in the hands of true professionals when you order translation services from us.

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