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Experience the Best in On-Site and Online Armenian Interpretation Services

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Proudly providing the highest-quality Armenian interpretation services on the web

Armenia is often overlooked on the global stage, but in fact, it’s an important country with a long history. Located in the incredibly ethnolinguistically diverse Caucasus, Armenia is a homogenous country wherein more than 98% of the population are ethnically Armenian and speak Armenian as their first language. Though a lot of Armenians learn English, the country is classified as being only “moderately proficient” in English, meaning English won’t get you far in the country.

Wait—don’t splurge on Armenian lessons just yet! There’s another way to communicate with Armenians: our Armenian interpretation services! Here at, we proudly interpret between Armenian and English, with our passionate interpreters hailing from across Armenia and parts of Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere in the Armenian diaspora. We cover both standardized versions of Armenian: Eastern Armenian (the standard in Armenia) and Western Armenian (used mostly in Turkey). Our Armenian interpretation services are reliable, flexible, and cost-effective.

Just how cost-effective are our Armenian interpretation services? Find out today when you request a free quote!

Armenian, a unique language in the Indo-European family

Naturally, the majority of Armenian speakers live in Armenia, but large communities are also found in neighboring countries, including Turkey, Georgia, Iran, and Russia. Altogether, Armenian boasts roughly 5.4 million native speakers, with 3.8 million speaking Eastern Armenian and another 1.6 million speaking Western Armenian. Armenian uses its own script, so it looks entirely different from English; but in fact, both come from the same Indo-European language family. But that doesn’t mean Armenian feels similar to English in any real way.

Armenian has no grammatical gender, so you may breathe a sigh of relief at that—but it does contain five noun cases, which are expressed through suffixes on nouns. Verbs are where Armenian grammar gets truly complicated, however. Depending on the dialect, Armenian has two or three verbal conjugation patterns, depending on the vowels in the verb’s stem. Verbs are then conjugated according to these different patterns for person as well as tense, aspect, and mood, resulting in a complicated conjugation table that would make even a grammarian shudder. So, learning Armenian isn’t easy—but working with our interpreters is.

We can provide Armenian interpretation services at your preferred location—or online.

No matter where you’re located, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality Armenian interpretation services you can count on. They can take the form of on-site or remote interpretation services. It’s your choice.

For those who prefer in-person Armenian interpretation services, you’re in luck: our team is expansive, with interpreters across Armenia, Artsakh, Turkey, Georgia, Iran, Russia, and beyond, eager to help you communicate with local Armenian speakers. Even if you’re not in an area with an Armenian-speaking community, we can still help—for an extra fee, we’ll put one of our Armenian interpreters on a plane to your location!

For those who prefer the convenience of online interpretation services, we can just as easily accommodate your needs. All we need is your username, a link to your meeting room, your phone number, or whatever other information is necessary to join your teleconference. Then, our Armenian interpreter will join you from another part of the world, and you can take advantage of our professional interpretation services from wherever you happen to be—the ultimate convenience!

Let us know whether you prefer simultaneous or consecutive Armenian interpretation!

Do you know the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services? We offer both, but it’s important to let us know which one you’re looking for.

Some clients require simultaneous interpretation services. In this case, our Armenian interpreter won’t wait until the speaker is done talking—they’ll start relaying the information to the audience at the same time as the original speaker. This is a fast and smooth type of interpretation that allows the speaker to talk freely, and it’s ideal for live TV broadcasts, big conferences, presentations, and speeches.

Other clients are better off with consecutive interpretation services. Here, we’ll have our Armenian interpreter act as a go-between for the parties involved, translating each utterance after the speaker finishes. The interpreter can interact directly with the speakers and even request clarification for ambiguous content, resulting in a slower and choppier but more accurate and dynamic interpretation. Consecutive interpretation services work well for meetings of small groups, including business meetings, conferences, and interviews.

Our Armenian interpreters can accommodate esoteric topics in an array of fields.

Is a degree in a specialized field required to understand the complicated terminology in your speech or conference? Our Armenian interpretation team is decked out with experts in a wide range of fields, so chances are good that we have an interpretation expert who knows your discipline. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll scour our team for the right Armenian interpreter for your needs!

We make it easy to connect with Armenian speakers, whether they speak Eastern Armenian or Western Armenian, no matter where in the world you are. Contact our team today if you’d like to set the process in motion!

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