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An Introduction to Our Translation Services in Sweden


We’re committed to offering the best translation services to Swedes.

A country at the literal top of the world, Sweden is a powerful Scandinavian nation with a strong economy, a vibrant culture and history, and a sky-high standard of living. From Stockholm’s famous Gamla Stan to Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum, to Abisko National Park or the Öresund Bridge connecting Sweden to neighboring Denmark, Sweden is filled with incredible attractions—and incredible people.

Academics, businesspeople, authors, and more, whoever you are in Sweden, we at can help you access the translation services you need to thrive.

We’re committed to covering as many languages as possible. That includes, of course, Swedish and neighboring languages like Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish, as well as the indigenous Sámi languages. But we also work with other world languages, whether it’s Mandarin, Slovak, or Punjabi or an endangered language like Arhuaco, Lezgian, or Ch’ol. We offer just about everything, so take your pick!

We’re happy to offer free quotes for our translation services. Why not ask about one?

We offer translation services that cater to the unique needs of Swedes.

We understand that many different people call Sweden home. Some Swedes are scholars, uncovering new information in academic disciplines, while others pursue business excellence by founding new companies. Yet others showcase Sweden’s creativity and culture through literary masterpieces. At, we can translate for all Swedes—whether you’re in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Linköping, Örebro, Västerås, Helsingborg, or any other Swedish city.

·        Higher education plays an important role in Swedish society. Many young Swedes attend prestigious universities like the Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Uppsala University, or Stockholm University to further their knowledge and push conventional boundaries. To ensure that the work of Swedish academics can spread around the world, our academic translators passionately provide translation services in all sorts of disciplines. Since our translators are subject-matter experts, technical jargon doesn’t pose a problem.

·        All across Sweden, there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with innovative Swedes building new businesses from the bottom up. To take their corporate ventures abroad, though, Swedish entrepreneurs need tailored translation services. Cue our business translation team! We translate internal documents like business plans and financial reports as well as marketing collateral like ad copy and press releases. Whatever you need, our translators are here for you.

·        Swedish literature dates all the way back to 800 A.D., but Swedes have continued to tell quality stories throughout the centuries and to the present day. Our literary translators are passionate about Swedish literature, and we believe the world deserves to enjoy it. We’d love to translate your novels, short stories, poems, and other works to and from the language of your choice. Don’t worry—we’ll take great care to ensure your unique voice and style stay intact.

·        When it comes to medical translation, accuracy is key. You can’t afford to make translation mistakes when you’re dealing with people’s lives. Swedish medical professionals understand this, so whether they specialize in emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, or neurology, they look for the best possible medical translation services. With us, the search is over: work with our medical translation partner firm, which has highly trained translators who specialize in various medical niches.

·        Accuracy is also paramount in law—and that’s true whether you work with immigration law, copyright law, or criminal law. Swedish legal practitioners have to be careful when seeking out legal translation services, so we’ve made it easy: reach out to us, and we’ll get you in contact with the specially trained legal translators at our partner company, a leader in the provision of legal translation.

·        Sweden welcomes large numbers of immigrants to its Scandinavian borders, and people from all over the world are clamoring to join Swedish society. But before you can start your new life in Sweden, you may need certified translation services for documents like your academic transcripts or marriage license. Turn to our certified translation team—we can help.

·        Sweden is famous for its highly advanced and digitalized society. The country is brimming with tech talent creating hit new websites, programs, games, and apps for the world to enjoy. But for people around the globe to enjoy them, they must be available in the right languages. Let our localization team help you internationalize your digital content.

Don’t wait to place a translation order. Do it now!

We’re committed to hiring the best translators.

To us, quality matters. That’s why we’ve spent so much time and effort picking out the best translators we can find for the hundreds of languages we translate and making sure to hire experts with experience in different areas of translation. We’ve also taken care to populate our team with subject-matter experts in myriad fields, allowing us to offer broad coverage of technical content. In this way, our translation team is remarkably flexible.

Sweden has more than 10.5 million people within its borders, making it the most populous Nordic country by a huge margin. That means there are untold numbers of people in Sweden looking for the best translation service to help them take their message to the world—whether it’s related to academia, business, the arts, or something else. With our expert translators and diverse offerings, we offer uncompromising translation quality to the people of Sweden.

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You can test our translation prowess for free.

Don’t take a risk with your important translation project. Ask about a free sample, which is available to all first-time clients. We can translate a portion of your document for free, and then you can decide whether we’re a good fit for the rest of your project. You’re under no obligation, so what do you have to lose?

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