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Our Translation Team in Slovenia


Need translation services in Slovenia? We’re the team for you.

Unfortunately, Slovenia is often overlooked when it comes to European countries. But this small, Central European nation is highly developed and wealthy, with many ambitious students, professors, startup founders, business leaders, authors, screenwriters, and others enjoying a high standard of living. Slovenia is characterized by abundant natural beauty, and Bled Castle, Lake Bohinj, and Velenje Castle are some of the top tourist draws in the country. At, we appreciate the undervalued nation of Slovenia and are proud to offer our translation services here.

With experienced translators from across Slovenia, we happily offer translation services to and from Slovenian. But we work with many more languages than that—from nearby tongues like Italian, German, and Croatian to faraway languages like Japanese, Portuguese, and Zulu. We translate it all!

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We translate for the entire population of Slovenia.

Slovenia may not be the biggest country on the planet, but its population is still quite diverse, with academics exploring myriad disciplines, businesspeople forging ahead in various industries, and authors composing works in numerous genres. We can help everyone in Slovenia. Come to us whether you’re in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Koper, Velenje, Novo Mesto, or anywhere else in the lovely nation of Slovenia.

·        Whether it’s the University of Ljubljana, the University of Maribor, the University of Nova Gorica, or the University of Novo Mesto, Slovenia doesn’t cut corners when it comes to high-quality education. Our academic translators are proud to work with Slovenia’s best and brightest to translate their scholarly texts to and from the languages of their choice, no matter the subject.

·        All over Slovenia, you’ll find hardworking business leaders toiling away in all sorts of industries to build their corporate empires and boost Slovenia’s economy. Our equally diverse business translation team can help Slovenian business leaders translate everything from financial reports to white papers to and from the language of their choice.

·        Slovenia is full of stories. They come in the form of novels, short stories, poems, or other forms of storytelling, such as movies or TV series. Whatever kind of story you have to tell, our literary translators would love to help you share it with the world. We translate all sorts of literary material with the utmost care, making sure to preserve the original tone and style of your writing.

·        Medicine is a tricky field. It requires years of intense schooling, and the concepts and vocabulary of each specialty—from dermatology to obstetrics and gynecology—are so esoteric that laypeople generally struggle to make heads or tails of them. This can make it difficult for Slovenian healthcare workers to locate the translation services they need for their work. Our partner medical translation company is the solution. You can trust them for high-quality medical translations in any niche.

·        Slovenia’s legal professionals operate in various areas of the law—everything from banking law to family law. No matter what legal subfield you work with, each is filled with its own esoteric vocabulary that can make the quest for legal translation services extremely tricky. Luckily, there’s a simple solution—our partner legal translation company! Contact us today for tailored legal translation services in a wide array of niches.

·        Would you like to move to Slovenia and start a new life in this hidden Central European gem? Many people would, but the immigration process may entail the need for certified translation services. Whether you need to translate a birth certificate, adoption papers, academic transcripts, or something else, trust our certified translation team to do the job, no matter what language you’re working with.

·        Slovenia is a high-tech society, evidenced by the abundance of apps, games, websites, and programs created in the country. But what if you want to take your domestically developed digital media abroad? You’ll need reliable localization services to cater to new audiences. That’s exactly what our localization team can provide.

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The ultimate translation team for Slovenian clients

If you’re looking for translation quality and flexibility, you’ve come to the right place. We offer translation services in languages all over the world, provided by the best translators for each language. We hire specialists for every type of translation imaginable, so you can easily access the tailored translation services necessary for your project. Even if your content dives deep into esoteric content, don’t worry. We have lots of subject-matter experts on our team who can navigate the tumultuous sea of jargon in various disciplines.

Around 2.1 million people live in Slovenia, and while that makes Slovenia a relatively small country, that’s still a huge number of people who may need reliable and affordable translation services to take their projects and messages abroad. Our translation team is proud to help people from all over Slovenia—be they scholars, business leaders, novelists, or anyone else—push past the language barriers that restrain their work. For flexible and affordable translation services you can count on, turn to us.

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If you’re thinking about working with us on your translation project, why not reach out and ask about a free sample? Then you’ll know for sure whether we’re the right team for you. We have so much confidence in our superb team of translators that we’re happy to offer free translation samples to any first-time client who wants one.

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