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Printers for Democracy

Other businesses (and individuals):

Please copy this page and concept. The more people helping to increase access to voting during the pandemic, the better!

Have you registered to vote? Have you registered to absentee vote?

Someone mentioned to a staff member that their state doesn't have an online way to register for an absentee ballot and they struggled to find a printer to print out the forms.

As a business (and one with a social mission), we definitely have a printer. So, if you need to print your state's forms out for you and send them to you in the mail, we'd be happy to. We have US and international stamps.

  • We don't care where you are in the world

  • We don't need to (or want to) know who you're voting for

  • We'll cover the expense of getting you the forms (if you'd like to "reimburse" us for postage, you can donate in any amount to Feeding America)


All we need from you is...

1. Your mailing address

2. A link to the state absentee ballot forms you need printed

A printer shouldn't be an obstacle to voting.

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