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Most people think that Arabic is the only language in the Middle East—but that’s far from the truth. Having hosted the world’s oldest civilization, the Middle East features a diverse plethora of ethnolinguistic groups to this day, and while major languages like Arabic and Persian may dominate the region, that doesn’t mean there aren’t myriad minority languages spoken throughout Middle Eastern countries—some with millions of speakers themselves. A good example is Kurdish, one of the biggest minority languages in the region.

Since Kurdish speakers don’t have their own country and are instead stretched out across several different nations, the language has become somewhat fractured, with clear dialects emerging. The biggest is Kurmanji, or Northern Kurdish, which boasts more than 15 million native speakers, but not far behind is Sorani, or Central Kurdish, whose 8 million native speakers makes it, too, a massive minority language. Depending on the country a Sorani speaker lives in, they may have access to education, administration, and more in Sorani—or they may find their linguistic rights heavily oppressed. Here at, we want to help people all across Kurdistan and, indeed, the world access high-quality Sorani translation services, which is why we’ve built a robust translation team dedicated to Sorani.

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Discovering Sorani, the Central Kurdish dialect

Though Kurdish is spoken across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other nations in the vicinity, Sorani speakers are concentrated in Iraq and Iran—but there’s a world of difference between the two countries. In Iraq, Sorani speakers tend to live in the Kurdistan Region, an autonomous region that grants speakers of both Sorani and Kurmanji linguistic rights. In neighboring Iran, Kurdish speakers have little to no access to Sorani-language resources and are forced to learn Persian to get by in daily life.

Sorani is completely unrelated to Arabic, the other official language of Iraq, although it is related to Persian, the national language of Iran. It’s also related to English, believe it or not, and can be written in either the Latin alphabet or the Perso-Arabic script used for Persian. Sorani’s grammar is complicated, with verbs conjugating for different persons and nouns accepting suffixes to add the nuance of “a” or “the.” Sorani is also ergative, at least in past-tense utterances, which means in transitive sentences, the object is grammatically treated the same as the subject of intransitive sentences.

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With native speakers of all Kurdish dialects facing both historical and contemporary linguistic repression, Kurds have developed a strong sense of ethnic identity, and their unique language plays an important role in that. So, our Sorani translators are proud of their language and passionate about helping people from all around Kurdistan, the Middle East, and the wider world access reliable translation services both to and from their language. Whether you need to translate a message from English to Sorani to reach Kurdish speakers in Iraq and Iran or you’re looking to translate a text from Sorani to English to share it with the international community, we’re here to help.

What kind of documents would you like translated to or from Sorani? With our team of native-speaking translators from Iraq, Iran, and beyond, we can translate everything from business papers and marketing collateral to academic studies, educational materials, literary works, digital software, and more. And many of our Sorani translators have pursued education in additional fields, giving them expertise in disciplines beyond Sorani translation—so, if your text is filled with technical jargon and you need a Sorani translator with specialized expertise to handle the job, all you have to do is let us know.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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