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You Can Now Access Fala Translation Services From Us

If asked to name all the Romance languages, many people would likely stop at French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Some people may also correctly guess Romanian. Beyond these five, laypeople won’t get far—but in fact, a plethora of additional Romance languages exist. These languages developed when the indigenous peoples of the lands conquered by Rome learned Latin, each incorporating features of their own languages into their newly learned Latin. This has given rise to a multitude of closely related but separate Romance languages across Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

One such language is called Fala (or Xalimego), found on the border of Spain and Portugal in the northwest corner of Spain’s autonomous community of Extremadura. Despite the vast majority of people in Fala-speaking communities also being fluent in Spanish, speakers have an overwhelmingly positive view of their native language, and use of the minority Romance language is vigorous. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to find translation services for Fala, especially to and from languages other than Spanish and Portuguese. So, we at have decided to compile our own Fala translation team to translate between Fala and English.

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Learning more about the proud language community of Fala

Even though Spanish is the dominant language in most aspects of life in the Fala-speaking community, usage of Fala at home remains vigorous, with the majority of families using Fala for familial communication. Most Fala speakers also believe that Fala is an independent language separate from Spanish and Portuguese, although smaller proportions believe it’s a dialect of Portuguese or, less commonly, of Spanish. The number of Fala speakers today remains strong at roughly 11,000.

Grammatically, Fala is closely related to Spanish and Portuguese, and Portuguese speakers may even understand up to 80% of the spoken language. However, Fala also features unique characteristics that serve to distinguish it from its much larger sister languages. For example, Fala uses compound past tenses, different from Portuguese and Galician. Another feature of Fala is its proclitic pronouns, which are not found in European Portuguese. Differences abound in pronunciation as well. Regarding written Fala, although the literacy rate is around 100%, the language does not have a standardized orthography, which means various spellings may be accepted for the same word.

Let us translate to and from Fala for you.

Fala may be a small minority language that most people haven’t heard of, but within its community, it’s an important source of pride. We’ve selected the best translators from the Fala-speaking world, and they’re passionate about helping facilitate communication between Fala and English speakers. Let’s say you want to translate a historical document in Fala, or perhaps you want to show the beauty of Fala folklore to the rest of the world—just turn to us for a smooth translation from Fala to English! In the opposite direction, let’s suppose you want to allow Fala-speaking children to receive education in their native language, or you want to produce interesting content, such as books, websites, apps, poetry, or games, in Fala, since this not only promotes pride in the language, but it also allows speakers to derive more enjoyment from it and learners to facilitate their educational journey. We’d be happy to translate any of these materials into Fala!

No matter what your Fala translation needs are, we’re here for you—so why not get started today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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