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We’ve Just Started Offering Zigula Translation Services

Tanzania, a major country in East Africa, is where many of the world’s Swahili speakers are concentrated. Swahili is used in government and education, although English may also be used in such circles. But most Tanzanians speak one of the country’s 100+ other languages as their first. Tanzania is the most linguistically diverse country in East Africa, and languages like Zigula are what contribute to its status as such.

Zigula has about 480,000 native speakers as of 2020, making it a major language in the country. Many indigenous languages of Tanzania do have more speakers than Zigula, but the language is still bigger than most. Like most other ethnic groups in Tanzania, most Zigula speakers also learn Swahili to participate in broader Tanzanian society, but their native language remains important both personally and culturally. Since translation services that cater to Zigula are rare, we at are proud to introduce our new Zigula translation team.

Anyone who would like to see a free quote for our Zigula translation services should message us now!

A bit more information on Zigula

Zigula is alternatively known as Zigua, with native speakers calling it Chizigua. Most speakers reside in Tanzania, particularly in the Tanga and Pwani Regions, located on the country’s northern coast. Zooming in even further, you’ll find that most Zigula speakers live in the Kilindi, Korogwe, Handeni, and Pangani Districts in Tanga and the Chalinze District in Pwani. A minority of Zigula speakers—roughly 34,000—also live in southern Somalia, especially in Jamaame, Kismayo, and the capital of Mogadishu. Zigula speakers in Somalia, called the Somali Bantu, typically also learn Maay Maay and Somali, even though these, as Afroasiatic languages, are completely unrelated to the Bantu language of Zigula. Zigula as spoken in Somalia is often known as Mushunguli or Mushungulu.

Like the majority of languages in sub-Saharan Africa, Zigula comes from the Bantu subfamily of the Niger–Congo language family. Bantu languages are a far cry from English, which can render them a challenge to translate. The basic word order is the same—subject-verb-object—but Zigula and other Bantu languages feature a complicated noun class system that divides nouns into more than a dozen categories, each requiring different grammatical treatment. This noun class agreement system permeates all aspects of the Zigula language, so it’s important that a Zigula translator be intimately familiar with it. That’s why you should work with the native speakers on our team.

Zigula translation services that you can rely on

Zigula translation services aren’t a priority for most translation agencies. But here at, we take our Zigula translation duties seriously. We’ve recruited the best Zigula translators we could find from all across Tanga and Pwani, as well as from the Somali Bantu community in southern Somalia. As native speakers with translation experience, our team members know how to faithfully translate both from English to Zigula and from Zigula to English for texts across a wide spectrum of domains and subject matters.

Our Zigula translators are skilled in a wide range of translation specialties, so if you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask. Our academic translators are familiar with a broad array of disciplines, meaning that they can tackle even technical language that may trip up laypeople. Our business translators have experience translating both internal company documents and promotional materials for companies in many different industries, so industry jargon is no obstacle. Our literary translators are passionate and experienced in the dutiful translation of novels, poems, stories, and more in a variety of genres, and they know how to maintain your unique writing style across different languages. So, whatever you need translated between Zigula and English, we’re here to help.

Why not take a moment today to get started with Zigula translation services? All it takes is a quick message!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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