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We’ve Just Launched Our Konkani Translation Services

Have you heard of Goa? It’s India’s smallest state by land mass and the fourth-smallest by population, although it nonetheless houses 1.4 million people. But despite its small size, Goa is India’s secret little powerhouse. The southwestern coastal state boasts the highest GDP per capita among all of India’s states, the Indian government has rated it as having the best quality of life in the country, and it’s the third-highest ranked Indian state in terms of the Human Development Index. Goa is also home to the highest proportion of Konkani speakers in India.

Konkani is one of India’s 22 scheduled languages and enjoys official status in Goa, where it’s spoken by around 66% of the population as a native language, but it’s one of only two scheduled languages to experience a negative growth rate. The remaining 34% of Goans generally learn Konkani as a second language. Nonetheless, Konkani faces endangerment due to the much bigger and more influential languages around it, most notably Marathi. Here at, we can’t just sit by idly when there’s something we can do to aid this important Indian language—so that’s what prompted us to launch a Konkani translation team.

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Konkani: an important but endangered language on India’s western coast

The number of Konkani speakers sits firmly at 2.3 million, and in Goa, there’s significant interest in maintaining Konkani as the state’s official language. In nearby states Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Gujarat, where Konkani is recognized as a minority language, it’s under a much bigger threat from the official languages of the respective states. Konkani can also be written in five different scripts—Devanagari, Kannada, Malayalam, Roman, and Perso-Arabic—but Devanagari is easily the most common.

Believe it or not, Konkani is related to English, since it’s part of the Indo–European language family. However, Konkani has also been influenced heavily by Dravidian languages such as Malayalam and Kannada. Konkani primarily uses a subject-object-verb word order and has three cases—nominative, genitive, and vocative—along with partial accusative and instrumental cases. Konkani grammar may also differ depending on where it’s spoken—for example, some Konkani dialects retain a distinction between “I eat” and “I am eating,” whereas other dialects have lost this distinction.

We’re poised to accommodate all your Konkani translation needs.

Our professional Konkani translators are here if you need translation from Konkani to English, and they’re here if you need translation from English to Konkani as well! With experienced Konkani translators from across Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Gujarat, we’re confident that we can deliver the level of quality you’re looking for in your Konkani translation.

If you’re eying translation from Konkani, our experts work with corporate, academic, and literary material alike to help you take your message to the international stage. Our team works with Konkani texts in all five accepted writing systems, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Regarding translation into Konkani, we offer our seamless translation expertise in all the same domains and more, in any script you desire. We can even help you translate digital content such as websites, apps, and games to increase the digital influence of this important Indian language.

Would you like to get started with Konkani translation services? Now’s the time—just reach out today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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