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We’ve Compiled a Team for Crimean Tatar Translation Services

Crimea made international news in 2014 when it was annexed by Russia, which incorporated it into a federal subject of Russia called the Republic of Crimea. However, most countries, including Ukraine, continued to view the breakaway peninsula as still belonging to Ukraine, leaving the region’s status disputed. Ethnic Russians outnumber ethnic Ukrainians on the peninsula, but there’s another group most people leave out: the Crimean Tatars.

Crimean Tatars are the indigenous inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula, and they speak their own language: Crimean Tatar. Historically, Crimean Tatar was banned by the Soviet government, resulting in the language struggling to survive today, even though Crimean Tatar is recognized as an official language. Despite having around 540,000 speakers, Crimean Tatar is classified as “severely endangered”—so it’s hard to track down a translation agency that will work with the language. But fortunately, you’ve found one: we at are proud to present our Crimean Tatar translation team.

If you reach out and request a free quote for our Crimean Tatar translation services, we’ll happily provide one.

A bit of background on Crimean Tatar

Anyone familiar with minority languages in Russia is likely aware of Tatar, spoken in the Republic of Tatarstan in the Volga region of Russia. Despite the similar-sounding name, Crimean Tatar is not a dialect of Tatar, and the two languages, although related, are not mutually intelligible. Crimean Tatar comes from the Turkic language family, and with Turkey directly south of the Black Sea, Crimean Tatar has undergone extensive influence from the much more widely spoken Turkish language. The language was historically written in the Arabic script but today can be written in the Cyrillic or Latin alphabets.

As a Turkic language, Crimean Tatar shares many features with its Turkic neighbors, including a verb-final word order (subject-object-verb), vowel harmony, and a highly agglutinative nature, where suffixes are attached to root words to express grammatical meaning. The language applies six distinct cases to nouns, with the suffixes changing depending on the sounds in the root word. Verbal conjugation follows the same logic, with different conjugation patterns based on the phonology of the final syllable of the stem. Crimean Tatar has no gender distinction in its third-person pronouns, so “he,” “she,” and “it” are all the same word in Crimean Tatar.

Our Crimean Tatar translators are aware of the complexities of their language, but as native speakers, navigating these challenges poses no problem.

High-quality, flexible Crimean Tatar translation services are our priority.

Anyone who wants Crimean Tatar translation services is welcome to seek them from us. Our team is available for translation both to and from Crimean Tatar, so we’re confident we can meet your needs. For example, what if you’d like to translate traditional literature in Crimean Tatar, historical texts from long ago, or official documents written in the Turkic language? Our translators will translate them seamlessly from Crimean Tatar to English. In the opposite direction, our translators are ready to help researchers and organizations who need questionnaires in Crimean Tatar, instructors who want educational content in Crimean Tatar, and language activists seeking books, games, websites, and more in Crimean Tatar. We’re dedicated to quality and flexibility in our Crimean Tatar translation services.

Need Crimean Tatar translation services? Get in touch today to tell us all the details.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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