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We’ve Added a New Team for Pökoot Translation Services

At, we’re passionate about serving the thousands of languages that span our globe. Most translation agencies only focus on the major languages—those with tens of millions of speakers and significant resources—but smaller, minority languages with scarce resources are just as valuable, and we’d like to do our part to serve them. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our very own translation team for Pökoot.

Pökoot, also known as Pokot and previously as Suk, is a minority language from Kenya and Uganda, where it’s spoken by roughly 700,000 people as a native language. Despite the language’s relative prominence in its locale, however, it’s easily eclipsed by the bigger languages in Kenya and Uganda, particularly the national lingua francas of Swahili and English. As Pökoot struggles for recognition and respect in the multilingual landscape of East Africa, with most global translation firms overlooking the tongue, we at are proud to offer our dedicated Pökoot translation services.

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Diving into the specifics of the Pökoot language

Straddling the border between western Kenya and eastern Uganda, Pökoot is a Kalenjin language from the Nilo–Saharan language family. In Kenya, Pökoot speakers are concentrated in the West Pokot and Baringo districts, while their Ugandan counterparts are mostly found in the Karamoja region. Although Kenya and Uganda both feature scores of Bantu languages, Pökoot is surrounded primarily by other Nilotic languages, including Karamojong, Turkana, Samburu, Camus, Tugen, and Markweta.

Like many other Nilotic languages, Pökoot exhibits a verb-subject-object word order, a feature shared by only 9% of the world’s languages. Adjectives, demonstratives, and numerals all come after the nouns they modify, but adpositions come before the noun, making them prepositions rather than postpositions. The language incorporates a fair deal of inflection, making use of many suffixes, including for cases and possessives. Pökoot also marks definite objects (this is the role of “the” in English), using a definite suffix to handle the job. Pökoot pronouns are also complicated from an English speaker’s perspective—while there is no gender distinction in the third person, which can increase the ambiguity of utterances, the language does distinguish between an inclusive and exclusive first-person plural, which makes explicit whether the listener is included when the speaker says the equivalent of “we.” If all this grammar talk is making your head spin, don’t worry—our Pökoot translators are native speakers, so they can navigate the translation challenges with ease.

We translate to and from Pökoot for any occasion.

Our goal is to serve anyone—anyone—looking for high-quality Pökoot translation services. That’s why we’ve endeavored to build as diverse a translation team as possible, incorporating the different dialects used across the Pökoot-speaking world. We’ve hired Pökoot translators with experience in various translation domains, with some specializing in translation into Pökoot and others in translation from the language. So, whatever you’re looking for, our team of passionate native speakers is eager to help you.

You may be a researcher looking to translate survey materials into Pökoot to gather information from the local population, or you may be a local educator endeavoring to translate educational materials into Pökoot so that native-speaking children can receive a native-language education. You may be a businessperson aiming to expand operations to western Kenya and eastern Uganda, targeting Pökoot speakers, or you may be a local business owner eying the global market. You may be a Pökoot-language writer bursting with stories to share with the world, or you may be a foreign artist seeking to bring your literature or other media content to the Pokot people. Since we have specialists on our team for all these translation domains and more, we’re always ready to help.

There’s no need to wait to harness the power of Pökoot translation services. Reach out to place an order today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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