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We’re Thrilled to Introduce Our Kuria Translation Services

You may not have known this, but Tanzania is the most linguistically diverse country in East Africa. With the linguistic homeland of the Swahili people stretching along Tanzania’s coast, the influential African language has been cemented as Tanzania’s official language and lingua franca, sharing this status with English and, in Zanzibar, Arabic. But with only 10% of Tanzanians speaking Swahili as a first language, it’s a second language to most of the country. Indeed, most Tanzanians speak one of the other 126 languages used in Tanzania, and one of those languages is Kuria.

Boasting almost 700,000 native speakers, Kuria is one of the biggest languages in Tanzania—certainly not the biggest, but much bigger than a lot of languages in the incredibly diverse country. The language is divided into several dialects, some of which are so divergent that some linguists have classified them as distinct languages. Regardless, Kuria retains a sizable influence in the region it’s spoken, but resources for the language, including translation services, are lacking. We at hate to see proud languages like Kuria being neglected, so we set out to create our very own Kuria translation team—and we’re delighted to present it to you today.

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Allow us to tell you a bit more about Kuria.

Tanzania isn’t the only country that Kuria is indigenous to, though the majority of Kuria speakers do live in northern Tanzania, particularly in the Serengeti District, Tarime District, Musoma Urban District, Musoma Rural District, and Bunda District. However, a number of Kuria speakers also reside in southern Kenya, specifically in the Kuria East and Kuria West districts. Notable dialects of Kuria include Simbiti, Hacha, Surwa, and Sweta, which are sometimes classified as different languages entirely.

The majority of languages in Tanzania are from the Bantu language family, and Kuria forms part of that majority. Bantu languages are notorious for their complicated noun class system, and Kuria features the complex gender-like system as well. While French and Spanish only have two genders, Kuria’s noun classes reach the double digits, and the system permeates all aspects of the language, branching out from the nouns to the verbs, adjectives, demonstratives and more. The classifications aren’t always intuitive, either—in some cases, you just need to memorize which class a noun belongs to. This makes Kuria a tricky language to learn and translate—but our translators are seasoned pros.

Trust the experts when it comes to Kuria translation.

We know translating between Kuria and English is difficult, which is why we exerted great effort to track down the topmost Kuria translators across Tanzania and Kenya. They’re who proudly populate our Kuria translation team, thrilled to help clients all over the world translate to and from their unique language. Indeed, we offer both translation services from English to Kuria and translation services from Kuria to English, allowing you to access the tailored Kuria translation services you need.

When we say our team is flexible, we really mean it. Are you a business leader eying translation into Kuria for your business documents so you can set up shop in northern Tanzania? Are you a Kuria-language author who wants to share your stories—and Kuria culture—with people from faraway lands? Are you a researcher looking to connect with Kuria speakers as part of your research in the region? Are you a content creator looking to make a new audience for your creative works in northern Tanzania? Are you a Kuria speaker who simply wants to spread a message around the world? No matter who you are, our Kuria translators can accommodate your needs, drawing on their years of experience in a diverse range of translation domains.

We’re your best bet for high-quality Kuria translation services. So, why don’t you send us a message today and get the ball rolling?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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