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We’re Now Prepared to Offer Kelantan-Pattani Malay Translation Services

Malay is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, but you often won’t see it on “Top Languages” lists—it usually appears as Indonesian. Indonesian is the biggest variant of Malay, but in fact, there are numerous Malay languages, usually with “Malay” conveniently included in the name, spoken all throughout Maritime Southeast Asia. While these languages have a lot in common with each other, they also exhibit various differences. One major Malay language—the one we’re focusing on today—is Kelantan-Pattani Malay.

Kelantan-Pattani Malay is spoken as a native language by some 3.5 million people, roughly 1.5 million of whom reside in Thailand, with the remainder calling Malaysia home. Most Malay languages are heavily influenced by Standard Malay or Indonesian, and that’s the case for Kelantan-Pattani Malay speakers in Malaysia, who learn Standard Malay at school. But in Thailand, where speakers don’t learn the standardized language, Kelantan-Pattani Malay receives far more influence from Thai. This makes it unique among Malay languages, and we at are proud to support this linguistic treasure with our new Kelantan-Pattani Malay translation services.

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Kelantan-Pattani Malay: What is it, and how is it different from Standard Malay?

Kelantan-Pattani Malay is spoken around the border between Thailand and Malaysia, with speakers found in the Malaysian states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Perak, and Kedah and the Thai provinces of Pattani and Songkhla, as well as some areas of Bangkok. It’s often simply called Bahasa Kelantan in Malaysia and Bahasa Pattani in Thailand. Hidden away in the high mountains and dense rainforests of the Malay Peninsula, Kelantan-Pattani Malay is highly divergent from other Malay languages, to the extent that mutual intelligibility with Standard Malay is low. Of course, structurally and grammatically, the languages are incredibly similar—but they’re also clearly distinct.

Kelantan-Pattani Malay belongs to the Austronesian language family, like most other languages in Malaysia but unlike most other languages in Thailand. Thai, a Tai–Kadai language, is completely unrelated. Pronunciation differences run deep, but there are also numerous lexical differences. In some cases, even simple words are entirely different, such as Standard Malay bukan versus Kelantan-Pattani Malay dok (“not”) or Standard Malay juga versus Kelantan-Pattani Malay getek (“also”). On the Thai side of the border, Thai loanwords are common. This all makes it evident that if you’re looking for Kelantan-Pattani Malay translation services, you’ll need to work with dedicated Kelantan-Pattani Malay translators, like ours—a Standard Malay translator won’t do.

Our Kelantan-Pattani Malay translation services accommodate special requests

Whether you’re seeking Kelantan-Pattani Malay translation services from Malaysia, Thailand, or anywhere else in the world, our passionate team is ready to serve you. Our team features a mix of translators from both Malaysia and Thailand, hailing from different provinces and states and thus representing different variants of the language. Amidst their diversity, what ties them together is their passion for their unique language, which they’re capable of translating both to and from. You can choose whether we translate from Kelantan-Pattani Malay to English or from English to Kelantan-Pattani Malay.

Interested in specialty translation services? If you have an academic text, such as a conference speech, research survey, or lesson materials, we can pass it on to our academic translation team—no matter the discipline. If you have a business proposal, financial report, white paper, or press release, let our business translation team handle it. And for anyone with creative works, like novels, poems, short stories, apps, websites, or games, our literary translation team is here to help—regardless of the genre. For all your Kelantan-Pattani Malay translation needs, you can trust our team.

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